Easy and delicious Japanese home cooking.

The Zen Kitchen by legendary Australian chef Adam Liaw teaches home cooks and experienced restaurateurs alike the fundamentals to making authentic and delicious Japanese cuisine.

Liaw has an impressive repertoire: He’s the winner of Masterchef Australia and his television series, Destination Flavour, received the coveted AACTA award for Best Lifestyle Television Program.

The latest of five books, The Zen Kitchen is broken up into easy-to-follow chapters and filled with helpful tips and gorgeous photographs.

Whether you’re familiar with Japanese-style cooking, this colorful cookbook is a must-read for everyone. Liaw educates the readers about the five fundamental ways to prepare Japanese food: Grilling, stewing, deep frying, steaming, and raw. He lists five foundational Japanese spices to cook with, making shopping for ingredients significantly easier.

The book has a wide range of mouth-watering recipes. The salmon sushi balls are great for party appetizers. Chilled corn soup is perfect and refreshing on a hot summer day, and prep time is minimal. For dessert, try the green tea roll cake or the pumpkin pudding.

According to the author, “the Japanese approach to food is one we might all admire. Simultaneously respectful, appreciative, enthusiastic, and practical. In Japan, food is something used to celebrate, to educate. It’s more than just a part of Japanese culture, it is a totality of Japanese culture presented in its most tangible form.” Get The Zen Kitchen on sale now for $35.