Italian Happy Hour! Who doesn’t want to be a little bit Italian?

The Italian-influencer cookbook “Aperitivo: Drinks and Snacks for the Dolce Vida” by Kay Plunkett-Hogge is a gorgeous and lively guide to Italian cooking and snacking.

Aperitivo, the Italian Happy Hour, is a way for folks to come together and enjoy good food and classic cocktails.

Aperitivo is considered a lighter meal than an appetizer, but heavier than a snack. It’s the perfect mix of a cocktail and an amuse-bouche.

As the author assures in the introduction, one “doesn’t need to be Monica Bellucci” to indulge in a proper Aperitivo. The Italian-way is Negroni-heavy. There are various Negroni recipes that pair perfectly with the meat and cheese filled appetizers.

As Hogge puts it: “Negronis: what’s not to like? Your first sip, bittersweet and ginny, gives an incredible sense of well-being closely followed by a tingle in the extremities.” She also gives a list of her favorite Italian Vermouths, including Punt E Mes and Riserva Carlo Alberti. For eats, try the Risotto Al Fegato and the Affogato. Get “Aperitivo” available now for $16.