The art of etiquette.

The book “How to Eat a Lobster and Other Edible Enigmas Explained” by Ashley Blom is a must-read for everyone. The focus is on manners and etiquette, addressing many common tableside concerns.

The book touches on food-related topics such as how to taste cheese, how to identify the correct fork, and how to eat raw oysters-the author saves you from any future embarrassment down the road.

Blom leaves the reader with helpful, step-by-step instructions with illustrations should there be any uncertainty.

For example, if you’ve ever wondered how to properly eat escargot, you use escargot tongs to pick up a single snail shell. Next, you use a fork to pierce the meat and pull it out of the shell. Lastly, dip the snail in butter or sauce, making sure to enjoy in one full bite.

She also covers important wine tasting tidbits, such as how to hold a wineglass, how to taste wine, and how to make a toast. According to Blom, the proper way to make a toast is to stand at your seat and gently tap your glass with a butter knife to capture attention. Speak loudly and confidently, and keep your audience in mind. Next, take a sip and relish in your successful speech!

From sending food back to slicing an avocado, her collection of helpful hints will have you mastering the art of etiquette in no time. Get “How to Eat a Lobster and Other Edible Enigmas Explained” available now for $13.