The wonder spice.

Turmeric is a plant that has been harvested for over 5,000 years in its native Indonesia. It’s considered to be one of nature’s most powerful anti-inflammatory ingredients, and does wonders for your health and skin.

When used in cooking, turmeric can be used in juices, smoothies, infusions, soups, curries, pulses, stews, for roasting vegetables, adding to hummus, yogurt, and marinades for fish, meat, and tofu.

The Turmeric Cookbook by Aster features over 50 turmeric-centered recipes, and includes helpful tidbits on its preparation and uses. Turmeric has an individual taste, and is described as pungent and bitter. When it’s combined with the appropriate ingredients, it can make for a heart-healthy and tasty dish.

For breakfast, I recommend cooking the frittata. It’s simple and made with protein-filled eggs and leafy vegetables, with just enough turmeric to add a flavorful note.

For a snack, try the popcorn. It’s sweet, but simple. If you’re craving something hearty for dinner, cook the beef stew. It’s filled with flavorful ingredients like succulent and juicy beef, good-for-you vegetables, and a splash of turmeric.

Taste the difference and incorporate the wonder spice in your diet today. Get The Turmeric Cookbook now for $13.