I know what you’re thinking—temperatures in October have been summer-like all over California, let alone the rest of the country, as dire climate warnings continue to land with a thud on the President’s desk. And a day after the United Nations issued its most fervent call to arms yet for the international community to confront the threat of global warming, President Trump boarded Air Force One for Florida—a state that is bracing for a hurricane that could bring 150mph winds this week—and said nothing about it.

All of this is true and yet, one way or another, some type of fall will come. Temperatures will eventually drop—tank-tops will be swapped for flannels, sundresses will go and sweaters will come, and you’ll be looking for a cocktail with a different, more robust sensibility. “Fall is the time of the year where we switch from imbibing clear spirits like gin, rum, and tequila, to our brown spirits like bourbon, brandy, and Scotch,” says Tobin Shea, the bar manager at Redbird in downtown L.A. With this in mind, the editors here at Blue Lifestyle have compiled a list of five L.A. bartender’s favorite cocktail recipes so you can surprise your next dinner guests or shake one up for yourself on a chilly evening this holiday season.

We All Fall Down

Matthew Alper, Mulholland Distilling

“This elevated cocktail is a perfect way to up your home bartending game this fall while entertaining guests. The salted caramel is a crowd favorite this season and pairs nicely with the fresh scents of vanilla bean in our American Whiskey.”

1.5 oz Mulholland American Whiskey

1 oz carrot juice

.25 oz lemon juice

.75 oz pineapple juice

.5 oz salted caramel syrup

Egg white

Dry shake ingredients until combined and egg white is frothy. Add ice and hard shake, to chill. Double strain into coupe glass. Garnish with fresh grated nutmeg and Himalayan sea salt.

Thank Your Lucky Stars

Devin Childress, Viviane

“We’re going into fall and winter citrus season, so I chose all of the brightest flavors of the upcoming season and dried it out a bit with Lillet to keep the cocktail balanced with the tonic. It’s crisp and refreshing but somehow in an evergreen way, which is pretty ubiquitous this time of year as the rest of our tree friends start to go to sleep for winter.”

1.5 oz Oxley Gin

.5 oz absinthe

.5 oz lime

1 oz Lillet Blanc

5 star anise

3 thinly sliced lime wheels

5 channeled orange peels

Tonic water

Roll in tin with ice, dump into glass and top with tonic; garnish with thyme sprig.

Sage Advice

Brighid Maguire, Bar Toscana

“This is the perfect drink to get in the mood for fall and the flavors of Thanksgiving dinners. It’s a nice, strong drink, but light and refreshing on the palate.”

2 oz Real McCoy 3-Year Aged Rum

.5 oz Giffard crème de cassis

4 fresh sage leaves

3 dashes orange bitters

Build drink in an old fashioned glass or tumbler. Add ice and stir for 30 seconds. Spritz with the oils from an orange peel and use peel and sage additional leaves to garnish.

American Trilogy

Kyle Beauregard, Ray’s & Stark Bar

“The Apple and spice flavors in the American Trilogy make it an amazing fall cocktail to enjoy all season long, and into winter. Even if it’s 80 degrees in Los Angeles, you can still taste the fall.”

1 oz Rittenhouse Rye Whiskey

1 oz Laird’s applejack brandy

1 oz spiced apple syrup

Stir the ingredients together with ice and serve; garnish with a thin slice of dehydrated citrus.

Hot Johnny

Hinoki & The Bird

“Nothing says fall like warm apple cider, but this drink is kicked up into high gear with spiced rum and rye whiskey. It will pack a punch to get you through all those family gatherings.”

1 oz rye whiskey

1 oz spiced rum

2 oz house-made apple cider concentrate

6 oz hot water

1 whole lemon

Use cinnamon for garnish; combine all ingredients and serve warm.

By: Nico Picciuto

(Recipes sourced from L.A. Mag & The Hollywood Reporter)