Valentine’s day is one day, out of the year, we need to make extra-special. Whether it’s for our friends, our significant others, or a communal single’s day awareness, Valentine’s day is almost here! Don’t panic because as always, we here at Blue Lifestyle have come together to offer our best recommendations to celebrating that are not the typical flowers, chocolates, and dinner reservation.

Museum Date

As most museums happen to close early, you can make a morning date and turn it into an all-day event. Looking at paintings or artifacts can bond both you and your partner in finding things that are new and exciting. You can go classical, or more contemporary, abstract or interactive. No matter the choice, there is bound to be a museum to choose from. Most museums will open early, around 10am normally and close around 5pm, so make sure to double check the times before leaving.

An Escape Room

Yes, an escape room. But here you can incorporate not just you and your significant other you can invite other couples and go on a double or triple date. Some overarching rules of an escape room are to book your room well in advance online. Each game is a 60-minute endeavor where you and your group are locked in a room, then your team must solve puzzles in order to escape. If you can try to arrive 15 minutes before your reservation because if not, then you will not be given the full opportunity to play your game. As well, to keep in mind, some rooms include actors who will interact with you, so if you or your love are frightened easily you might want to steer clear of this option.

A Tour of Your Favorite Places

This can be as simple or as intricate as you’d like. For this we don’t have any specific location recommendations because this calls for you to think about you and your companion. What is your favorite bar? What is their favorite Ice-cream Parlor? What is your favorite bookstore? What is their favorite park to visit? Again, this could mean 100 stops or just 2. The sky’s the limit, or more realistically your budget is, but have fun with this one!

Play Board Games

Who doesn’t love a little competition? An option for staying in would be to host either a group game night, invite friends and family, or just make it a couples only night and bring out the old Clue, Monopoly or even Mystery Date. Maybe take out some Apples to Apples for family fun or Cards against Humanity for some adult night fun. If all else fails, then you can at least apologize to your valentine, profusely, in a good game of Sorry.

Have a Cook-Off

This one is quite simple really. Instead of making plans to go out to a dinner, why not stay in and recreate your own version of top chef. For Breakfast, Lunch or Dinner, have a fun and friendly (or not) competition to see who can create the best version of a dish. Then enjoy it together! Overall, you’ll greatly appreciate staying home with your loved one rather than being rushed at a restaurant.

By Raeanne Cendejas