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New York Cocktails, Recipes Inspired by the Big Apple

The big apple’s guide to cocktails. Amanda Schuster, cocktail expert and Editor-in-Chief of online drinks website, The Alcohol Professor, investigates New York’s mixology history in her book, New York Cocktails. As a New Yorker herself, Schuster shares cocktail recipes native to New York, and recommends top bar venues including The Dead Rabbit which was awarded number 1 best bar in the world by Drink’s International. Another of her favorite late night drinking spots is the rooftop bar The Empire Rooftop at The Empire Hotel on 63rd Street which offers spectacular views of the city lights.Now for a short history lesson, it’s no wonder that the Cosmopolitan, Brooklyn, and Manhattan originated in New York. But the lesser known, Sherry Cobbler is a pre-prohibition era cocktail that’s sparking interest once again.

Schuster’s Sherry Cobbler recipe calls for 3 ½ oz Oloroso sherry, 1 tbsp sugar, and 2 orange slices. Place the orange slices and sugar at the bottom of a shaker. Add sherry, ice, and shake. Pour cocktail into glass. Garnish with mint and sip. The city’s prohibition past and today’s sophisticated culture are unified by a legacy of cocktail recipes that give New York’s bar scene character. Cheers to the history of New York with New York Cocktails now for $20.

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