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Spirit Wednesday – Tequila

Scientifically speaking, tequila is made from the agave tequilana. Tequila is distilled in copper pot stills and the double-distilled unaged tequila is clear.

There are three main classifications of tequila. Blanco is the original style of tequila, Clear and unaged, it is usually bottled directly following distillation. Reposado or rested is applied to tequila that is aged three to twelve months. By law, reposado must be aged over sixty days, but it is never aged more than one year. Anejo on a label ensures that the tequila is aged for up to four years.

Contigo Silver Tequila $33
Clear; smooth agave nose; silky and spicy with smooth, smoky style; mellow and balanced; lush and long. 92 Points

Tequila Decada Silver Tequila $46
Fresh, smooth and clean with a refined nose of agave. Silky and creamy with balance and fine flavors, long and elegant. 93 Points

El Macho Añejo Tequila $50
Pale amber color; soft agave nose; smooth and clean with bright, smoky, silky style; rich and dense with nice depth and style. 93 Points

El Fumador Reposado Tequila $40
Pale amber color; soft, smooth agave nose; mellow, smoky and balanced; lush and rich, long and juicy, elegant and deep. 92 Points

Tequila Honor del Castillo Reflexion Blanco Tequila $50
Ripe agave earthy nose; creamy texture and spicy, earthy agave flavors with smooth hints of vanilla oak; bright and generous, balanced and long. 93 Points

Grand Mayan Tequila Extra Añejo Tequila $100
Toasty, smoky nose; medium amber color; silky, toasty, rich agave flavors; elegant, smooth and fresh, clean and long. 93 Points


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