Each year on St. Paddy’s day I try and come up with a new twist on corned beef and cabbage, [...] Continue reading
As you probably know, I receive lots of unsolicited samples for review. There are wine samples, spirits samples, I even [...] Continue reading
Picture a platter of grilled purple Japanese eggplant slices, drizzled with date syrup and creamy Tahini, and showered with creamy [...] Continue reading
Last week we went to a local restaurant. It was 7:10 PM (my wife likes to eat early) and I [...] Continue reading
German pancakes, sometimes called Dutch babies, are baked rather than cooked in a skillet. They are best made just before [...] Continue reading
Valentine’s day is one day, out of the year, we need to make extra-special. Whether it’s for our friends, our [...] Continue reading
The Superbowl is only six days away and if you’re feeling the peak of exhaustion trying to get together a [...] Continue reading
Coq au vin is a simple, rustic dish that translates to chicken with wine. Julia Child made this peasant dish [...] Continue reading
The Demise Of Super Shuttle Those blue and yellow, shared-rider vans operated by Super Shuttle at airports since 1983 are [...] Continue reading
Salads are not just some iceberg lettuce, tomatoes and a sliced radish covered with thick dressing anymore. There is a [...] Continue reading
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