Blue Lifestyle Best of Travel: Summer 2019



History, art, food, architecture and more are all combined in this small European country bordered by Spain and the Atlantic coast. World-class cities like Lisbon and Porto provide nightlife and culture by the armful, while there are plenty of coastal and vineyard getaways for people with an eye towards relaxation. Visit ancient churches, white sand beaches, and taste fine wine all in one place. Make sure you try a pastel de nata while you are at there, too.



Tucked between the rugged mountains of the Balkans and the Adriatic sea is Montenegro. The Southern European country contains impressive history, natural beauty and unique culture that is only starting to emerge from Western Europe’s more popular shadow. Highlights include Lake Skadar the only Pelican habitat in Southern Europe, Medieval fortress towns like Kotor, and scenic getaways along the mountains and the coast. The natural beauty of Montenegro is sure to astound travelers. It is one of the most geologically diverse areas in Europe.


Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is the large island off the tip of India, that has a unique history and culture all to its own. Travelers can look forward to seeing lush forests brimming with wildlife, including the Asian Elephant, clear blue waters studded with rich coral reefs, and mangrove estuaries that contain some of the most rare and unique species on earth. In the cities you can expect to find diverse cultural expositions, and food that will leave your taste buds wanting more. Luxury resorts abound in Sri Lanka, with guided tours and locals ready to show off everything this island has to offer.



Zimbabwe is one of Africa’s most visited countries and for good reason. It’s one of the safest countries in Africa,  as well as having their National Parks filled with the Big Five of safari animals (Lions, Leopards, Elephants, Rhinoceros, and Cape buffalo). Other highlights include World-Heritage listed ruins and friendly locals looking to showcase the best their country has to offer, not to mention one of the eight natural wonders of the world — Victoria Falls. Zimbabwe is a country you shouldn’t miss.



Jordan, a country that forms a link between the ancient and modern world. Stable in comparison to its neighbors, Jordan has seen little of the ill-effects of the Arab Spring. Ancient sites like Petra and Jerash will leave you in awe, as will natural wonders like the Dead Sea and the Jordan Trail. Amman, Jordan’s modern capital has everything a traveler could need in way of luxury. Whether you stay in the city, or explore the countryside, Jordan is a country that will mesmerize any traveler.



Indonesia’s unique geography has made it a mixing point for culture’s for thousands of years. The result is a diverse and exciting country that has something for every kind of traveler. Indonesia is made up of over seventeen thousand different islands, from large to small. Jakarta, the country’s capital, is a sprawling tropical metropolis that is one of the world’s fastest growing cities. While you visit Indonesia, you can explore remote and isolated islands, taste diverse and delicious cuisine, and explore pristine rain forest. There is no other place like it.



There is no better time than summer to explore Canada, and with the second most landmass of any country there is plenty to sea. Modern cities like Montreal, Toronto, and Vancouver offer diverse and exciting metropolitan experiences. Some of Canada’s abundant natural wonders include the Canadian Rockies, Cathedral Grove, Niagara falls and the some of the best geography for seeing the Northern Lights around. Canada simply has something for everyone.



What’s not to like about Chile? World class wine; delightful and diverse culture; a history of art and literature that stand up to any other country; deserts, mountains, forests, and seas; big metropolises, and remote outposts; the largest economy in South America; for such a small nation (Chile is sandwiched on the narrow strip of land between the Pacific Ocean and Andes Mountains) Chile has a lot of variety. Plus, there are penguins. Sounds like a great deal to me.



Armenia is land filled with culture, natural beauty and history. This tiny landlocked nation in the South Caucasus of Eurasia was the first country to adopt Christianity as the state religion, all the way back in 301 AD. Forged by hardship and history, the Armenian culture is one of the most unique and resilient in the world. The capital Yerevan offers all the amenities one would expect of a more traditional city-destination, and natural wonders like the Kasagh Gorge and Debed Canyon. Armenia promises to be a country that will capture your imagination.


Morocco’s reputation as an exotic and mysterious place is well deserved. The influence of European, African, and Middle Eastern cultures makes Morocco one of the most unique destinations in the world. Ancient cities like Marrakesh, Tangiers, Casablanca and Rabat have long captured the imaginations of writers, romantics, artists, and bold travelers. Unique experiences like touring the Sahara Desert, the Djemaa El Fna Street Theater and the Atlas Mountains are only a fraction of what Morocco has to offer.


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