Rudy Maxa’s Newsletter #12

… I Was Just Thinking . . . about how time is so elastic. Remember when you were young and […]

Rudy Maxa’s Newsletter #11

I Was Just Thinking… . . . about Las Vegas and all the money its hotels, casinos, and restaurants have […]

Rudy Maxa’s Newsletter #9

I Was Just Thinking… Is it just me, or do you find you’re getting less work done when you’re at […]

Rudy Maxa’s Newsletter #8

About That Virus I wish I could offer a wise overview on the future of travel, but the news comes […]

Rudy Maxa’s Tours: Newsletter #7

The Demise Of Super Shuttle Those blue and yellow, shared-rider vans operated by Super Shuttle at airports since 1983 are [...]

Oktoberfest and Where you Should Celebrate It

Oktoberfest is a traditional Bavarian festival celebrating all things Bavaria. Originally it was a festival in celebration of the marriage [...]

5 Places to Visit in New York outside of New York City

Tired of the city life? Gridlock got you down? Feel like you’ve exhausted all your options in the city? It [...]