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August already. It feels like the year just started and yet here we are, looking back on the halfway point like a ship dipping below the horizon. As it has been for the last few months, the pandemic, social unrest, and politics lurk behind every moment. Life has gone from terrifying, to tragic, to annoying, to confounding, and so on in a cycle since March.

Still, over the last few weeks, it feels like we have settled into a new (if uncomfortable) normal. I check for my mask when I go out like I check for my keys or waller. I actually enjoy wearing a mask sometimes, too. It makes me feel like some kind of suburban vigilante. Not that I wouldn’t like things to go back to pre-pandemic conditions, but still, silver linings and all that.

As the economy looks to re-gear and Americans try to salvage what’s left of the job market, we find ourselves at odds with the upcoming season. Fall is supposed to be a time of harvest and yet we seem to be missing what we are going to pull from it. Whatever we metaphorically harvest, the seeds are already in the ground. Does that sound ominous? Probably will be.

Be that as it may, there is still plenty happening in the wide world of food, beverage, travel and lifestyle. Thus concludes the most negative intro to an update ever. Let’s get on with it.



Disheartening news for hypochondriacs everywhere: Clorox will not be able to meet the demand for their disenfectant wipes until some time next year. The Covid-19 pandemic has pushed demand for the popular wipes to six times their usual rate. While the company typically keeps extra wipes stockpiled for flu season, they simply can’t keep up with the rampant demand. The wipes are used by households and large companies such as United Airlines alike.

Some good news to balance things out. Other disinfectants such as bleach are expected to be widely available in the upcoming months, as companies ramp up production in anticipation of an unprecedented flu season.

Steph Curry and Oxygen

Stephen Curry, two-time NBA MVP and three-time NBA champ of the Golden State Warriors, has made a serious equity investment in Oxigen Beverages known for their premium bottled water

The Instagram video revealing Curry’s involvement is pretty great so here it is:


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OWNER OF THE WHOLE DAMN COMPANY…I think 😂 💦 s/o @drinkoxigen

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Curry says it’s the best water he’s ever tasted, since he is a professional athlete and self-described “water connoisseur,” I am inclined to agree with his view. But as far as I know, he still hasn’t tried my Long Beach tap water fortified by the combined dissolved solids of the entire LA Basin, so the jury is still out.

It’s not just Curry who says Oxigen water is the best though. Oxigen themselves claims to have also created a superior water beverage. Their water is “boosted with oxygen,” having found a way to make “oxygen stable in water through a proprietary formulation.” Remind me again the chemical elements of water… hmm.

Seems stable enough to me. Now, what’s the chemical compound for crafty marketing lingo.

Wine in a Covid-19 World

The French Prime Minister promised to increase emergency funding by an additional 80 million (after an initial funding for 170 million) for winemakers across France, who are facing a surplus crisis in the wake of Covid-19. Tariffs in the USA originally placed in October and decreased demand has forced winemakers to hold on to stocks of wine, and in some cases distill their wine into industrial alcohol.

In the US, wine purchases continue to increase as the pandemic forces people to make fun happen at home. Looking deeper into the numbers, one could see a rise in purchasing among Gen X, Millenials, and Gen Z as the cause behind the increase. The number of “wine-drinking occasions” increased, especially for non-food related occasions (such as watching Grey’s Anatomy re-runs in your jammies for the 12th time). Not surprisingly, Champagne and sparkling wine sales have dropped as celebrations have been curtailed.

As the pandemic and subsequent lockdowns and re-openings continue to extend, people will continue to reach for a bottle to help them cope.


Boozy Ice Cream

My grandmother’s favorite ice cream was Häagen Dazs Rum Raisin. And while the amount of rum actually infused in that flavor is negligible, a new ruling in New York state gives ice cream makers the opportunity to spike their frozen desserts more than ever before.

Governor Andrew Cuomo recently signed legislation “authorizing the manufacture and sale of ice cream and other frozen desserts made with liquor in New York State.” The ABV is limited to 5%, and packages will be labeled similar to wine, beer, and liquor already available.

The ramifications from this landmark decision are likely to be delicious: pistachio and kirsch; coffee and Kahlua; vanilla and Hennessy; a real rum raisin (obviously); all sorts of salted whiskey caramel dulce de leche waffle chip pretzel combinations, probably with images of hipsters on the label and ironic “manly” names like Russ’ Spiked and Bearded Salted Caramel Swirl, Sgt. Fuck You’s Loaded Waffle Chip Chunk, or Max’s Angry Ramparts Black Out Coffee Ice Cream.

Do we even know what we have begun?


By Aldo Moreno