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It’s February. Spring is right around the corner, and the icy (or just slightly cooler) grip of winter is starting to loosen. February comes from the Latin word februum, which means purification, and having made it to this last stage of winter, I suppose one could consider themselves purified. Really it was associated with some crazy Roman religious holiday but I am going to chose to believe that the purification is really to do with the fact that I can purify myself of my winter jackets, my extra blankets, and my seasonal affective disorder. That’s my right as an American and I am choosing to exercise it. Anyways, here’s some things to look out for this month.


Crazy Holidays

Forget Valentine’s Day. Leave President’s Day in the dust. February has way more exciting holidays than those two overdone ones. Here’s a few for example:

  • February 5: National Weatherperson’s Day – For all those weather-people, I mean meteorologists. Every day they get on TV, and believe it or not, they sometimes get it right. Let’s show them a little love.
  • February 15: Susan B. Anthony Day – A national holiday worth celebrating, on par with other holidays like Martin Luther King Day, and the 4th of July. Susan B. Anthony spent a lifetime fighting injustice in the world. We should take some time to honor that.
  • February 17: Random Acts of Kindness Day – Building off Susan B. Anthony Day’s momentum comes this holiday in which everyone is encouraged to just be a little nicer. Pay for a stranger’s coffee, make some food for your neighbor, maybe take the dog out to the park for once. It’s the little things that count.
  • February 22: National Margarita Day – Provided you made some new friends on Random Acts of Kindness Day, this holiday could really take off for you. It’s all about that simple but delicious cocktail – The Margarita. Buy some limes, buy some good tequila and triple sec, and enjoy. Or head down to your local cantina, where you might want to inform them of the festivities.
  • February 29: National Frog Legs Day – The French gave us the Statue of Liberty, sure, but they also gave us Haute Cuisine. Enter the frog leg. Tantalizing for some, delicious for others, horrific for many, give them a shot on this holiday that only occurs once every four years, on a Leap Year. My recommendation? Sauté the frog legs in lots of butter, lots of garlic, and lots of parsley. Easy.



You thought you could get away from it? You thought maybe this latest health scare would just blow over? Think again. Some of the largest companies in the food and beverage industry have started to address the impact and potential danger of the coronavirus.

According to Starbucks CEO Kevin Johnson, the coranavirus presents a “very dynamic situation.” McCormick CEO Lawrence Kurzius, was more cautious, saying it is “hard to know the impact of the coronavirus in China.” Wise words.

Meanwhile Corona Beer Company CEO Guy McGuypherson was a bit more upended by the recent developments. “Who the hell decided to call it the “corona” virus?” he asked at a recent press conference. Meanwhile, Burger King CEO Gary Garyson remained bullish on the coronavirus outlook stating: “We believe the coronavirus is not a worthy challenger to Burger King and our subsidiaries. We believe our products can outlast this latest competitor. Consumers know that when it comes to making people sick, the Whopper® is a sure bet. We are monitoring the situation, and we have our Spicy Chicken Fries on standby, should the coronavirus get any more ideas about expanding into new markets.”

Heavy wears the crown indeed.


Best Super Bowl Commercial

Pepsi fired shots, Coca-cola went the “let’s not have the commercial makes much sense, but throw some celebs in it” route (seriously, who the hell would NOT want to go hang out with Martin Scorsese!), Planters Peanuts decided to haunt us for the rest of our lives, Google decided that the middle of the Super Bowl is a great time to depress everyone, and Trump and Bloomberg ignited political arguments across the entire country (I will not sully this good blog by linking either of their ridiculous commercials, you can find them yourself), leaving people who actually wanted to watch the game playing Switzerland. Not to mention the Scientologists got in on the action (also not linking). Does the NFL or FOX have any shame?

Here’s my idea: no more super commercials. Let’s just end the tradition before it gets any worse, and replace them with live pictures of people watching the game across the country, in bars, stadiums, outdoors, etc. Let’s treat it like a real tradition and not a corporate smash and grab. This will never happen, I know.


Golden Girls Cruise

Fans of the classic TV show can rejoice! Fans can now attend a Golden Girls themed cruise around the Caribbean with other Golden Girlies (as I have now decided to call them) as passionate about the show as they are. Starting in Miami, Florida, the cruise will stop in Key West, Florida and Cozumel, Mexico, with a couple of at sea days in between. So bring your passports! Planned festivities on board include:

  • The Caftan Sail Away Party, with Cheesecake!
  • A performance from GG Live: A Drag Parody, the original GG parody tribute
  • Panel discussions with people intimately involved in the world of Golden Girls, such as Rue’s real life sister, Melinda McClanahan.
  •  A One Night In St. Olaf Dance Party (Including a game of Ugel and Fugel).
  • And so much more!

I have no idea what Ugel and Fugel is but boy do I want to find out. Amazingly, the cruise is in no way connected to the creators or copyright holders of the show. God bless the 21st century with its rabid, self-supporting, and self-consuming trends of fandom.

Tickets are sold out for 2020 already, a testament to Golden Girls’ enduring popularity. But visit their website for more information on booking for 2021.


Global Seed Vault

The Cherokee Nation has given a collection of heirloom seeds to the Svalbard Global Seed Vault, a storage facility designed to house the seeds of agriculture from across the world, in case humanity needs them in the event of an Armageddon-like event. Cheery stuff, I know. The vault is actually on a remote island in the Svalbard Archipelago to the north of Norway, east of Greenland. The facility is actually bored deep into the side of a mountain. You can find it on Google maps even. Close to one-million individual seed types have already been stored in the vault, which is actually pretty cool.

The Cherokee Nation, who took inspiration from the founding of Global Seed Vault to start collecting and preserving the seeds important to their culture, have now come full circle and donated what they have collected. Seeds donated include: Cherokee White Eagle Corn—which the tribe considers to be its “most sacred” corn; Cherokee Long Greasy Beans; Cherokee Trail of Tears Beans; and Cherokee Candy Roaster Squash. Sounds delicious. One spokesperson for the Cherokee Nation commented “You can’t be Cherokee without Cherokee plants. And without Cherokee plants, there can be no Cherokee.”

The connection between human and land, plant and culture is timeless and essential. The Svalbard Global Seed Vault, while hopefully never really needed for its intended purpose, is at least a cool museum that preserves the relationship between people, culture, and food.

By Aldo Moreno