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Hello Blue Lifestyle-ites. Welcome to July. The weather is hot, the beaches are closed, and we are all trying to figure out just what the hell is going on in this country of ours.

Good news! Nothing prevents you from firing up the grill, making use of seasonal produce, or working on a new cocktail. There is always a new recipe to try, a new experience to be had, or a new show to binge. When the world is all topsy-turvy, we can at the very least raise our glasses and toast to the chaos.

So put your fans on high, get comfortable and prepare yourself for the peak of summer. Here is your update.


Goya… Goya… Gone

In case you haven’t heard, Goya Food, Inc., one of the biggest food companies in America, self-described as “the premier source for authentic Latino cuisine,” is facing a wave of criticism after the president of the company, Robert Unanue, lent his support to President Trump last week. In a visit to the white house, Unanue said the country is “blessed” to have a leader like Trump as President during these trying times.

Predictably, Twitter and other social media sites caught wind of the comments and immediately started a viral campaign against the company with hashtags like #BoycottGoyaFoods, #goyafoods, and #Goyaway trending. Political leaders like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez have lent their voices to those boycotting the company. Chefs and food celebrities, such as Jose Andres, who worked with Goya following Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico, have also issued similar statements criticizing the Unanue’s comments.

At this point, the cycle of things is well worn. People will be outraged, people will forget, a new issue to be angry at will come up. While I support a person’s right to choose with their dollar, I also support a person’s right to their political preference. A bold take, I know. Goya does do a lot of good for the community. What do we accomplish by denouncing anyone and everyone with a different political opinion? Are we just too far down this road?

People do have a right to be outraged. It’s an understatement to say Trump has not been an ally of the Latino communities in the US. Politics, whether we want them to be or not, remain personal.

The biggest solution? Go out and vote in November.


Hawaii Staying Closed

Hawaii Lieutenant Governor Josh Allen says the islands will most likely delay their reopening, which was scheduled for August 1, thanks to Covid-19 concerns. The delay is expected after case counts continue to rise on the islands and across the nation. The number of positive cases are hitting new highs almost daily, surpassing what was seen during the first wave of the pandemic.

The islands, which rely on tourism as a driving economic force, have been requiring any outside visitors and those moving from island to island to submit to a 14-day quarantine period upon arrival. You know, nothing screams island vacation like 14-days of room service, no human contact, and N95s instead of leis.

We are all doing our best here.


Paper Comeback

Plastic has been targeted as a new major source of pollution, thanks to its widespread usage and irresponsible recycling practices. The solution? A return to paper. New paper bottles offer a more sustainable alternative to traditional glass and plastic bottles.

One company manufacturing these new paper bottles, Frugal Bottle, says that their bottles, made from 94% recycled cardboard, reduces the carbon footprint of traditional glass bottle by up to 84%. The paper bottle, which has a food-grade plastic liner to keep liquids from seeping through, also uses 77% less plastic than a typical plastic bottle and is fully recyclable. All you have to do is separate the paper lining from plastic liner and sort them in your recycling.

Winemakers like Cantina Goccia have already signed up to have their wines sold in these new bottles. The iconic scotch whiskey brand Johnny Walker even plans to release a 100% paper-bottle for its spirits by 2021, made from sustainably sourced wood.

It will be hard to crack the nostalgia and tradition of the glass bottle, but there is little downside for companies having the option to go with paper bottle products or just more sustainable products in general. At the end of the day, it will be the consumers who choose whether this paper comeback is a trend, or something here to stay.


A Royal Gin

News from across the pond: The royal alchemists and distillers at Buckingham Palace have produced a small-batch gin aptly titled Buckingham Palace Gin.

No news yet if they are planning on having it reviewed by Blue Lifestyle (something tells me they don’t need our approval). The gin looks good on paper, however. Dry and fresh, the gin is distilled with botanical ingredients straight from the royal gardens at Buckingham Palace.

Why gin? The Palace already produces its own wine, and it might be the Queen’s favorite spirit. She has been known to enjoy a gin and Dubonnet nearly everyday before lunch: 2 to 1 Dubonnet to gin, two cubes of ice, and a slice of lemon.

You’ll have to travel to the UK itself to purchase the gin, which like the royal wine, is not available for international purchase. But who knows, maybe if you show up at the gates waving a bottle of Dubonnet and a lemon around like the Union Jack you might just get to have a tea-time sip.

Royal Collection Trust/ c Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II 2020

Just look at that bottle. God save the Queen, indeed.


 By Aldo Moreno