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Well the Update took the month of May off. That’s my fault. But hey, it’s not like there was a pandemic going on only to be followed by massive social unrest that has now carried over into June. Also I graduated from Cal State Long Beach. So, lot’s going on.

Unfortunately, amid this climate of unrest and injustice, I find it again hard to pull my attention back onto the world of beverage, food, and lifestyle. Just like the Covid-19 pandemic could not be ignored, it’s hard to ignore the murder of George Floyd by a police officer and the protests that have engulfed almost every major city in America in response.

It appears to me that America has reached another boiling point, not dissimilar to the LA riots of 1992 or the riots that followed the assassination of Martin Luther King Jr in the late 60s. Once again, Americans must weigh their own conscience and decide how to best proceed forward as a person, as a microcosm of the nation itself. It is my opinion that a nation is not an unmovable rock in the course of a river or an abstract structure outside of tangible reach, but that it is the collection of actions and inaction, the lives and consciousness of its citizens. We are America, and America is us.

Now more than ever,  the decision to ignore the protests, to ignore the calls of injustice, to turn a blind eye to the biases in our criminal justice systems, is a political decision. Silence now is a vacuum, pulling us back into the status quo which has proven to be the breeding ground for these killings and subsequent protests.

Personally, I’d rather make the mistake of mixing politics with pleasure than be silent, because after Rodney King, after the riots in the 60s, after Jim Crow and slavery and everything else, after George Floyd was murdered by a cop who kneeled on his neck for over eight minutes while three other cops looked on, after Ahmad Aubery was murdered by vigilantes and then only convicted months after a video emerged, after Breonna Taylor was killed in a no-knock raid at the wrong address and the cops walked free, silence is deadly.

JFK said that those who make peaceful revolution impossible, make violent revolution inevitable, and we are now witness to that truth. For all the outrage about a football player taking a knee, for all the condescending remarks about Black Lives Matter, for all the lip service paid by people sympathetic to the cause (people like me, for the record) but unwilling to put any skin in the game, unwilling to fight for any change so long as it is an inconvenience, for all of it, we deserve these riots. We are complicit in them. Guilty as any of the other instigators.

I am sincerely sorry if you disagree. I am sincerely sorry if you feel like the means don’t justify the ends. I don’t condone the looting and violence, but I understand them. There would be none if there was no killing. There would be no looting if George Floyd and countless others were not affected by police brutality. There would be none if we learned our lessons from Rodney King, from Ferguson. We can only deal with the reality of what America is. Not what we want it to be, what we hold it as in our imaginations. And I believe the past week has shown just how far we are still from achieving the American dream. At the very core of our country’s conscious is the desire to fulfill the  “All men are created equal” promise laid out by our Founding Fathers, and the conflict that desire has with the racial reality of America now and then. Until that maxim proves true in reality, we can’t say we have fulfilled our country’s destiny. We can’t say we are true Americans in the spirit of our ideals while injustice works its poison on our society.

Still, I find hope. Our progress is undeniable. We went from Jim Crow to President Obama in about 50 years. That is remarkable. There is no telling what other leaps we can make, but we have to want it. We the people have to take action, and that’s what I see overwhelmingly in the streets. People taking action, people of all colors saying enough is enough. And the fact that the protestors are only being met with batons, tear gas and curfews, instead of counter-arguments and debate serves as proof of the vitality and righteousness of protestor’s message.

So… sorry for the long intro. That’s my two cents. You can take it or leave it. Anyways, here’s everything you never knew you needed to know about food, beverage, and lifestyle.


National Donut Day

Forget Christmas, Hanukah, Easter, Thanksgiving, 4th of July. None of those holidays have what National Donut Day has, which is free Krispy Kreme donuts. This year was extra special, though, because Krispy Kreme extended their celebration for the entire week. Throughout the week any person could stroll right in to one of their stores and select their very favorite donut, all for free. What a deal. That sound you hear is Thomas Jefferson weeping in his grave at the beauty of our modern American freedom.

When it comes to selecting the donut itself, I like an apple fritter, not something Krispy Kreme is known for. To me it’s the true test of a donut shop. A big mass of fruit, spice and dough, and it better be fried just right so it’s not soggy or undercooked, and not made so sweet that you can feel the cavities forming with every bite. I find local mom and pop donut shops often have superior apple fritters than what can be found at any of the big donut chains. Plus, its nice to support small businesses.

Whatever your favorite donut is, I hope you rewarded yourself with it this last Friday, June 5th, National Donut Day. Given the current state of the world, we deserved it.


White Claw Is Coming To Australia

A new deal between the American hard-seltzer giant and Australian food and beverage company Lion Australia will see the hard-seltzer brand make its entrance in Australian markets starting in the fall of 2020. Lion Australia will handle the importation, marketing and distribution of White Claw throughout Australia. The partnership follows on the heels of White Claw being available for sale in the UK starting this month, the first foray into European markets for the hard-seltzer.

Hard-seltzers offer consumers a less-calorie dense alcoholic beverage that can be drunk on its own and used as a mixer. White Claw, one of the pioneers in hard-seltzer, is planning to introduce their lime, grapefruit and mango flavors to Australia first, with future flavors still to come.

Many people in Australia are already familiar with the White-Claw brand, having seen it through social media. The company’s social media marketing with meme worthy sayings like “White Claw Weekends” and “White Claw Wednesdays” quickly catapulted the seltzer brand into global public consciousness. The seltzer market has seen remarkable growth in recent years, with White Claw itself reporting a 250% increase in sales in 2019. As people continue to look for healthier options when drinking the market for hard-seltzers is likely to keep expanding.

CDC Says Rodents Looking For New Sources of Food Amid Restaurant Closures

The CDC has released guidelines in response to roaming packs of urban rodents forced to look elsewhere for food now that restaurant dumpsters and dining rooms are empty. The CDC recommends “sealing up access into homes and businesses, removing debris and heavy vegetation, keeping garbage in tightly covered bins, and removing pet and bird food from their yards” to help combat the potential rodent invasion. A general awareness of the problem should do you fine, but, given the current state of health awareness, it would be good to stock up on Clorox wipes, bleach, diversionary cheese, and gas masks anyways.

Other recommendation by CDC for dealing with potential rodent migrations include holding a candle in front of a can of aerosol hairspray and letting things rip, employing neighborhood cat patrols, asking nicely, and covering yourself in petroleum jelly and Velveeta while lying in wait on your front lawn for the rat king to come, and then battling him to the death as he attempts to nibble the calcified processed cheese goo from your fingers.

Ok, ok… maybe I made that last one up.


Airline Travel New Rules

A few ideas for the future of airline travel in Covid-19 world.

  • Instead of peanuts and a coke, flight attendants should hand out hand sanitizer and N95  masks.
  • Extended grabber hands for flight attendants.
  • In show entertainment scrubbed of any dystopian movies or TV shows.
  • Full misting sanitizers upon entering and exiting the bathroom.
  • Anyone who even so much as sniffles during the flight is sent to the cargo hold.
  • More leg room would be nice.
  • Premium and lifetime passengers get breathing masks. Everyone else gets brown paper bags.
  • Full hazmat suits for flight attendants.
  • Drool cups for anyone who manages to sleep during flight.
  • More free booze.


Seriously Delta, call me. I have plenty more where that came from.

By Aldo Moreno

The views expressed in this blog post are the writer’s only and do not necessarily reflect the views of Blue Lifestyle.