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Food & Nutrition

By: Blue Lifestyle

90 Bare Honey Hot & Spicy Honey ($10)

Smooth and free-flowing with red pepper graininess; definitely has a kick of heat; rich and long with lasting spice.

91 Bare Honey Lavender Blossom Honey ($10)

Silky and smooth, very sweet with nice lavender nuance; creamy and rich.

93 Bare Honey Raw Wildflower Honey ($10)

Silky and smooth with basic clover honey flavor plus soft wildflower notes; rich, elegant and pure.

91 Bare Honey Chocolate Honey Spread ($10)

Smooth and sweet with spreadable honey and chocolate; intensely chocolatey and deeply colored; rich, clean and balanced.

92 Bare Honey Cinnamon Spreadable Honey ($10)

Dense and solid but very spreadable; smooth and sweet with very nice cinnamon flavor; long and balanced.

92 Bare Honey Vanilla Bean Spreadable Honey ($10)

Smooth and mellow with obvious vanilla bean specks and nice vanilla flavor; solid but spreadable texture.

90 Barnana Organic Coconut Chewy Banana Bites ($5)

Chewy dark cubes of dehydrated banana with fresh coconut mixed in; good texture and decent flavors.

91 Barnana Organic Coffee Chewy Banana Bites ($5)

Chewy, dehydrated banana wrapped in a shiny, sweet coffee shell.

89 Barnana Organic Dark Chocolate Chewy Banana Bites ($5)

Shiny dark chocolate shell with chewy dehydrated banana inside; there are some textural problems here.

92 Barnana Organic Peanut Butter Chewy Banana Bites ($5)

This was my favorite of the six flavors; shiny coating of peanut butter with chewy, dried banana inside.

92 Belvoir Fruit Farms Elderflower & Citrus Organic Elderflower Lemonade  ($2.75)

Bright, sparkling lemonade with lovely elderflower added; fresh, natural and organic; refreshing and smooth.

92 Fuller Foods Asiago Black Pepper Cheesy Puffs ($5)

Huge, crisp cheese puffs with real cheese and lively pepper flavors; baked and all natural; tangy and richly flavored; high sodium.

92 Fuller Foods Blue Cheese Jalapeno Cheesy Puffs  ($5)

Big and crispy with real cheese and pepper flavors; baked, not fried; high sodium.

93 Fuller Foods Sriracha Cheddar Cheesy Puffs  ($5)

Huge, crisp cheese puffs with forthright sriracha flavor; intense and long-lasting; the most assertively seasoned of the line; nice cheddar flavors.

96 Guylian 6 Mixed Flavors: Dark Hazelnut, Latte Macchiato, Original Hazelnut, Crunchy Biscuit, Caramel, Milk Truffle Artisanal Belgian Chocolate  ($8)

Six different chocolates. One filled with caramel, one with a biscuit inside, one dark chocolate, one milk chocolate – all are made with the same superb quality chocolate.

96 Guylian Hazelnut Praline Filling Artisanal Belgian Chocolate  ($13)

Exquisitely made, layered chocolates in the forms of seashells; molded with different color chocolate and filled with hazelnut praliné; melt in your mouth, great quality chocolate.

96 Guylian Hazelnut Praline Filling Artisanal Belgian Chocolate ($13)

Exquisitely made, layered chocolates in the forms of seashells; molded with different color chocolate and filled with hazelnut praliné; melt in your mouth, great quality chocolate.

94 Harmless Harvest natural Coconut Water ($5)

Silky and smooth with fresh coconut flavor; slightly pink which is natural; bright, fresh and organic.

92 Harmless Harvest Blueberries & Acai Coconut Water Probiotics  ($5)

Smooth, creamy and fresh with bright fruit flavors and nice texture.

92 Harmless Harvest Mangos & Acerolas Coconut Water Probiotics  ($5)

Smooth, fresh and juicy with authentic mango flavors; refreshing and long.

92 Harmless Harvest Strawberries Coconut Water Probiotics  ($5)

Smooth and juicy with fresh, sweet strawberry and bright kefir-like texture.

91 Harmless Harvest The Original Coconut Water Probiotics  ($5)

Smooth, creamy and refreshing with bright texture and sweet, fruity style.

91 Laughing Glass All Natural Low Calorie Margarita  ($16)

Bright fresh and juicy with clean lime, triple sec and blanco tequila; tangy and delicious with depth and an all natural impression; delightful and it’s low calorie!

92 Laughing Glass All Natural Pomegranate Low Calories Margarita ($19)

Pink color; bright fruit nose; juicy and fresh with bright pomegranate and citrus; made with all natural ingredients and blanco tequila; fresh, tangy and it’s low calorie.

95 Money On Honey Dark Chocolate Brown Rice Crispy Wildflower Honey Caramel ($5)

Honey caramel mixed with crispy brown rice and coated in dark chocolate; great texture and fresh, rich flavors; lovely and fresh; individually wrapped.

96 Money On Honey Dark Chocolate French Sea Salt Wildflower Honey Caramel ($5)

Dense squares of honey caramel coated with dark chocolate sprinkled with French sea salt; dense, chewy and rich; the purest expression of honey caramel; individually wrapped.

96 Money On Honey Dark Chocolate Roasted Peanuts Wildflower Honey Caramel ($5)

Like an upscale Snickers bar with roasted peanuts and honey caramel coated in thick, dark chocolate; chewy, dense and terrific, like little turtles; individually wrapped.

94 Numi Tea Toasted Rice Green Tea ($8)

Smooth and soothing with nuts and soft texture; mild, earthy and mellow; balanced and soft.

93 Numi Tea rooibos,cinnamon,vanilla Turmeric Amber Sun ($8)

Elegant and smooth with nice turmeric, vanilla and cinnamon. Also rooibos. Very healthy and quite mellow.

94 Numi Tea lemon verbena and lime Turmeric Tea ($8)

If you like turmeric, you’ll love this tea; mellow and softly spicy; deep and smooth; caffeine free with a hint of citrus.

91 Olympia Provisions Kasekrainer ($8.50)

Smooth and mild with some cheese that melts and infuses the sausage; clean, fresh and a bit dull.

92 Olympia Provisions Flaco Paco Pepperettes ($5)

Dense and spicy with chewy style; good flavor and nice texture. 5

92 Popcornopolis Pesto Mozzarella ($4)

Fresh and crunchy with a subtle pesto and cheese dusting; fresh, clean and not too salty.

95 Popcornopolis Chocolate Candy Cane Zebra Popcorn ($5)

Sweet with bright mint, nuggets of chocolate and caramel coating; crunchy and fresh.

94 Popcornopolis Chocolate Peanut Butter Zebra Popcorn ($5)

Chewy, crisp and sweet with a nicely balanced blend of caramel. peanut and chocolate flavors; fresh, rich and balanced.

95 Popcornopolis White Chocolate Macadamia Zebra Popcorn ($5)

Smooth, lush glazed popcorn with a white chocolate and macadamia flavor; sweet, runchy and quite lovely; long and rich but not too sweet.

92 Q Drinks Spectacular Ginger Ale Carbonated Drink ($6)

Spicy, peppery and complex with some heat and sweetened with organic agave.

92 Q Drinks Spectacular Ginger Beer Carbonated Drink ($6)

Intense and spicy with rich ginger and notes of chili pepper, cardamom and coriander; sweetened with organic agave.

92 Q Drinks Spectacular Kola Carbonated Drink ($6)

All natural, spicy, bright and lively; sweetened with organic agave.

96 Walkers Pure Butter Shortbread ($5)

Charming and bite size; great for kids – much better than the usual commercial animal crackers.

97 Walkers Pure Butter Shortbread ($5)

The definitive shortbread, made in Scotland with just pure flour, butter, sugar and salt; perfection in flavor and texture.

94 Walkers Chocolate Chip Shortbread – Mini Choc Chip rounds ($5)

Nice with the great shortbread mixed with chocolate chips; very pleasant but, for me, the pure unadulterated shortbread is better.

91 Wild Tonic Blueberry Basil Jon Kombucha ($5)

Pale pink color; sparkling and fairly dry; tangy and fresh with blueberries and basil flavors; all organic and quite pleasant; tangy, peachy and bright.

92 Wild Tonic Raspberry Goji Rose Jon Kombucha ($5)

Bright pink color; sparkling and juicy with some sweetness; goji berries, raspberry and rose petals; juicy, smooth and fresh.

91 Wild Tonic Tropical Turmeric Jun Kombucha ($5)

Smooth and bright with carbonation and tangy fruit flavors; how much kombucha? don’t know.

90 Zia Valentina Dulce De Leche, S’mores, Peanut butter, cookies and cream, speculoos Waffleshot ($7)

Interesting idea; crunchy, flavored and a conversation piece; nice party treat.