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By: Blue Lifestyle

94 Ableforth’s Bathtub Gin, England ($40)

Very faint amber color; fresh citron nose; elegant and silky with pure lemon and bright botanicals; creamy, smooth and balanced,wheat-based,long and expressive; try this in a Martini.

93 Ableforth’s Rumbullion, England ($40)

Bright amber color; sweet orange peel and apricot; sweet, creamy and rich with caramelized orange and smooth brown sugar; silky, long and intense, with a smashing finish.

90 Austin Cocktails Cucumber Vodka Mojito, USA ($16)

Cloudy, citrusy and well-blended mixture of pure and neutral vodka with a basket of mint, cucumber, lime and agave; crisp, tangy citrus and smooth.

95 Bardstown Bourbon Company Straight Bourbon Whiskey Phifer Pavitt Reserve, USA ($125)

Deep amber color; toasty, vanilla nose; smooth, rich, elegant and spiced with notes of honey and spice; lush, deep and complex with long, layered, seamless flavors.

96 Bardstown Bourbon Company Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey Discovery Series, USA ($130)

Ripe amber color; rich toasty nose with a hint of cinnamon; smooth and tangy, rich and mellow (when watered); creamy, dense, layered, complex and elegant with toast, vanilla and spice; lush flavors and a long sweet finish.

93 Bardstown Bourbon Company Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey Fusion Series, USA ($60)

Soft, leafy vanilla nose; pale amber color; silky, rich and creamy with notes of dried flowers and toasty oak; long, subtle and showing finesse and style with great length.

93 Basil Hayden’s Dark Rye, USA ($40)

Deep amber color; rich spice and dark fruit nose; creamy and deep with traditional rye spice softened by sweet port wine; a blend of Kentucky straight rye and Canadian rye; complex and silky, sweet and long.

94 Booker’s Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey Teresa’s Batch, USA ($70)

Medium amber color; charred oak nose; cask strength (125.9 proof) but silky and elegant; watering brings out its smooth, toasty, rich dried fruit flavors; long and mellow.

91 Bulldog London Dry Gin, United Kingdom ($30)

Soft botanical nose; creamy, rich texture with smooth, lush style; rich and silky; deep and fat with good length and fine balance.

88 Crown Royal Noble Collection: French Oak Cask Finished Whisky Limited Edition, Canada ($60)

Medium amber color; smooth, toasty noise; silky with toasty oak and fairly modest flavors for the price; decent, balanced and long.

91 Denizen Vatted Dark Rum, West Indies ($30)

Rich dark amber color; spicy orange peel nose; smooth and toasty with sweet, smoky flavors; molasses and brown sugar.

90 Destillare Intense Chocolat Liqueur, USA ($35)

Deep amber color; rich dark chocolate nose; sweet, toasted and intense; silky, dense and rich.

91 Destillare Intense Café Liqueur, USA ($35)

Deep amber color; toasted espresso nose; smooth, sweet and roasted with authentic coffee flavors.

88 Druid Hill Triple Pot Still Whiskey, USA ($45)

Soft nose; smooth texture, simple, uncomplicated, slightly bitter with a long finish.

95 El Tesoro Tequila Extra Anejo Aged 5 Years, Mexico ($125)

Pale straw color; rich earthy agave nose; satin smooth texture, sweet, elegant agave and caramel; aged in toasty French oak which gives the spirit a lush vanilla cast; creamy, lush and balanced with a sweet, long finish; this is truly “The Treasure.”

91 FEW Spirits American Whiskey, USA ($50)

Medium amber color; toasty nose; smooth, toasty and balanced; sweet oak, edgy and slightly bitter on the finish.

89 FEW Spirits Breakfast Gin, USA ($35)

Soft, aromatic nose; hard-edged and dry with silky texture and a hot finish.

94 George Dickel Bottled in Bond Tennessee Whisky, USA ($40)

A stunning new iteration, 13 years old (distilled in 2005) and 100 proof; medium amber color, sweet oak and butter nose; honey and toasted new oak, silky and deep with a long rich finish.

92 Isaac Bowman Straight Bourbon Whiskey Port Barrel Finished, USA ($45)

Medium amber color; toasty and rich nose; smooth, toasted and complex; Port finished and lush style with layers of flavor and spice; no age statement, but very mature.

93 La Historia de Nosotros Tequila Tequila Blanco, ($40)

Spicy, earthy agave nose; smooth, clean, rich with a hint of mint and lush, elegant texture but with plenty of classic agave funk; silky and balanced with a long earthy finish.

92 Larressingle VSOP Armagnac NV, France ($60)

Medium amber color; smooth, toasty nose; silky, rich and creamy with elegant dried fruit and lovely toasted oak; long and balanced, a top producer of this great, under-appreciated brandy.

93 Larressingle Napoleon Armagnac NV, France ($70)

Deep amber color; lush nose; silky texture and rich sweet dried fruits with notes of treacle and light toast; long and elegant with a soft but lavish finish.

94 Larressingle XO Armagnac, France ($98)

Deep amber color; soft, smooth nose; silky and complex, 20 years old spirit; smooth chocolate and nutty notes – almond, hazelnut; tannic and long.

92 Martini & Rossi Bitter Liqueur 1872 Riserva Speciale, Italy ($24)

Deep scarlet color; deep bitter nose; smooth, sweet and very reminiscent of that other red bitter; yes, this would be fine in a Negroni.

95 Michter’s Kentucky Straight Rye Whiskey Aged 10 years, USA ($160)

Deep amber color; intense rye flavors with balance and depth; toasty, deep and spicy, rich and long; among the ryes that have come out recently this one stands out.

95 Milagro Tequila Silver Tequila, Mexico ($)

Soft agave nose; silky and elegant with fresh agave earthiness and finesse; this is a product for those who prefer a more refined, high-style blanco; hints of vanilla, soft spice and nuance; long and beautifully balanced.

92 Organika Vodka Unique Vodka From Russia, Russia ($32)

Smooth, rich and lovely with vanilla, soft and creamy, lush and mellow; velvety and long. Organic.

93 Organika Life Vodka No 73863 Unique Vodka From Russia, Russia ($42)

Lush, smooth and silky with vanilla, sweet, mellow flavors; creamy and bright with finesse and lovely style; long and balanced. Organic.

92 Penelope Bourbon Barrel Strength Limited Release, USA ($50)

Reddish amber color; four grains are combined in this barrel strength product; when watered, silky and toasty with depth and spice; powerful and rich.

93 Powers Three Swallow Release Single Pot Still, Ireland ($42)

light amber color; smooth barley and green apple nose; silky texture and a long, smooth finish showing honey and toasty oak; long and mellow.

95 Powers John’s Lane Release Single Pot Still Aged 12 years, Ireland ($62)

Medium amber color; nose of wood, toast, charcoal and honey; spice, vanilla and dried stone fruits; sweet, long finish.

88 Sailor Jerry Savage Apple, Scotland ($16)

Deep amber color; rich apple nose; smooth, creamy texture, spicy and very sweet.

95 Stirrings Simple Syrup Cane Sugar Cocktail Syrup, USA ($5)

Clean, smooth and long; sweet and lush.

94 Stirrings Dirty Martini Imported Olive Brine, USA ($5)

Salty, crisp and olive flavor, long and brisk.

94 Stirrings Blood Orange Bitters Blood Orange Juice Cocktail Mix From Concentrate, USA ($5)

Juicy, tangy orange and bitter.

92 Svol Danish-Style Aquavit, USA ($35)

Citrus nose; smooth, silky texture with caraway, angelica and lemon; dry, elegant and lush with a long, spicy finish.

93 Svol Swedish-Style Aquavit, USA ($38)

Citrus, fennel nose; smooth, creamy texture with floral, caraway and fennel flavors; smooth, elegant and long; a fascinating contrast between the two products of this distillery.

91 The Speyburn Distillery Speyside Single Malt Scotch Whisky Aged 10 Years, Scotland ($33)

Pale amber color; smooth, toasty nose; mellow, nutty, stylish balanced and smooth -textured; clean, lush and long.

91 Tinkerman’s 4.2 Citrus Supreme Limited Release, United States ($30)

Smooth, orange rind and tangy, long and spicy.

88 Tinkerman’s 6.3 Sweet Spice, USA ($30)

Spice and tea nose; silky, smooth and rich; tangy and long, fresh and juicy.

91 Tinkerman’s 7.4 Curiously Bright & Complex, USA ($30)

Bright fruit and aromatic flavors; smooth, rich and deep; clean and long,

94 Vida de Louie Blanco Tequila, Mexico ($35)

Earthy agave nose; creamy texture, peppery, spicy and earthy; clean, smooth and authentic with a long, balanced finish.

93 Woodford Master’s Collection Reserve Bourbon Kentucky, USA ($130)

Rich amber color; deep, toasted nose; complex, toasty and smooth with rich flavors and a charming sweetness from oak.

91  Belle Premium American Vodka, USA ($23)

Silky texture, very clean, medium weight and fresh; balanced and bright with a hint of vanilla; a great value .

95 Booker’s Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey 30th Anniversary, USA ($200)

Rich, toasted nose; smooth, creamy with sweet vanilla oak and spice; crisp with hints of dried fruits, new oak and showing multiple complex, elegant flavors.

98 Chartreuse Chartreuse Diffusion, France ($50)

A masterpiece now in its 414th year; stunningly complex with notes of many Alpine herbs, mint and tarragon; creamy texture and totally integrated flavors; the heat on the palate is actually pleasant; the finish is explosive and subtle too as your tongue is caressed by wave after wave of exquisite botanical notes; amazing, no wonder they named a color after it.

94 Dewars The Monarch Aged 15 years, Scotland ($45)

Smooth, toasted and bright with layers of flavor ending in sweet caramel and soft spice; a lovely and seamless blend with a long and measured finish; a masterful blend.

92 Distillery No. 209 No. 209 Gin 5 x D, USA ($40)

Lush spiced nose, smooth and creamy; rich texture and some heat, mellow spice and smooth flavors; lush and showing vanilla and soft fruit.

92 Galliano L’Aperitivo, Holland ($17)

Pale rosé color; rich herbal nose; bitter amaro style with sweetness and complex botanical flavors; smooth and long.

91 Heirloom Brand Creme De Flora Liqueur, USA ($33)

Light amber color; soft floral nose; smooth, floral and sweet with rich notes of the garden.

93 Heirloom Brand American Alchermes Liquer, USA ($37)

Deep red color; cherry nose; smooth, sweet and rich, creamy and spicy with some nice heat; long and balanced.

92 Heirloom Brand Pineapple Amaro Liqueur, USA ($37)

Bright amber color; lush herbal nose; smooth, creamy and rich with candied pineapple and amaro-style bitters; sweet, lush and long.

93 Heirloom Brand Genepy Liqueur, USA ($33)

Herbal and sweet with complex flavors attributable to 26 botanicals; smooth and rich with high proof and good balance.

97 Highland Park 25-year-old Orkney Single Malt Whisky 25-year-old, Scotland ($650)

Cask strength; smooth, rich and elegant with notes of treacle, caramel and peat; incredibly elegant and refined with lovely hints of heather honey, sea brine and dried flowers; a complete package, rich, complex and long.

93 Juniper Grove American Dry Gin, USA ($40)

Smooth and rich with fresh botanicals; lush and creamy with soft spice and elegant style; long and silky.

94 L’Heritier-Guyot Creme de Cassis de Dijon, France ($27)

Deep ruby color; smooth, creamy and deep, sweet black currant fruit; going strong for 173 years, this is the definitive brand of cassis and the basis of many a kir royale.

93 Lucano Anniversario Amaro, Italy ($33)

Deep, dark amber color; soft, sweet herbal nose; sweet, creamy dense with soft herbs and complex flavors of more than 30 botanicals; rich and softly bitter.

92 Lucano Amaro Lucano, Italy ($30)

Deep mahogany color; aromatic, spicy nose; creamy, rich and sweet with soft bitters and spice, notes of the more than 30 botanicals that go into this formula that was perfected 123 years ago.

92 Lucano Anniversario Limoncello, Italy ($23)

Cloudy yellow color; bright lemon nose; silky and smooth with lovely flavors of Sorrento lemons, sweet, creamy and lush; long and balanced.

91 Lucano Anniversario Cordial Caffe, Italy ($25)

Dark mahogany color; roasted coffee nose; smooth, sweet coffee flavor; intense and rich, long and balanced.

91 Lucano Anniversario Sambuca, Italy ($23)

Clear and colorless, rich black licorice nose; lush and thick with sweet anise and tangy acid structure; long and intense.

92 Mandarine Napoleon Grande Cuvee Liqueur, Belgium ($37)

Light orange/pink color; soft citrus nose; creamy texture, soft orange fruit, sweet with a pleasing hit of alcohol; fresh orange candy finish.

91 Murlarkey Distilled Spirits Heritage Old Country Whiskey Wine Cask Finished, USA ($47)

Bright amber color; nose of spice and oak; toasty and smooth with lush flavors of spiced oak, rye and barley; smooth and balanced, long and rich.

91 Murlarkey Distilled Spirits Imagination Gin, USA ($25)

Smooth, fresh and aromatic; made with twelve all-natural botanicals; crisp and fresh, with floral and spice noters; dry and long.

91 Murlarkey Distilled Spirits Divine Clarity, USA ($24)

Clean, silky and completely neutral; smooth and flavorless; long and balanced.

90 Murlarkey Distilled Spirits Smokehouse Whiskey, USA ($47)

Deep amber color; smoky nose, intensely smoky flavors with toasty and roasted flavors; long and intense.

93 Source One Vodka made from oats, USA ($34)

Smooth and creamy with vanilla and grain flavors; lush, balanced and long with style and finesse.

90 Thomas & Sons Distillery Townshend’s Bluebird Alpine Liqueur, USA ($32)

Medium amber color; sweet pine nose; silky texture, sweet and rich with a hot spiciness that creeps up on you.

91 Thomas & Sons Distillery Townshend’s Kashmiri Amaro, USA ($32)

Dark amber color; sweet herbal nose; sweet herbs with a tweak of coffee and chocolate; smooth and long with mint on the finish.

91 Thomas & Sons Distillery Townshend’s Gin, USA ($30)

Intense citrus and passionfruit nose; smooth and silky with rose petal and ripe citrus notes; lush and floral, rich and juicy; long and dense.

92 Tia Maria Coffee Liqueur, Italy ($20)

Dark amber color; smooth, sweet, toasted coffee; creamy and rich with a nice, authentic coffee edge.

91 Young & Yonder Spirits Fellows & Foragers Absinthe, USA ($55)

Light yellow color; anise nose; silky and edgy with considerable heat from alcohol.

93 Young & Yonder Spirits Hobs Gin, USA ($43)

Smooth juniper nose; lush and creamy with classic flavors; lush, deep and spicy with a long intense style; high-proof but not obvious so; intense and smooth.

87 Young & Yonder Spirits Stave Robber Ryed Bourbon Whiskey, USA ($)

Light amber color; toasted rye nose; smooth, toasty and essentially simple flavors; modest and one-dimensional.

87 Young & Yonder Spirits Distiller’s Series Lime Vodka, USA ($43)

Soft lime nose; citrus and floral notes; balanced and sweet.



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By: Blue Lifestyle

94 Jack Daniel’s Sour Mash Whiskey, USA ($20)

Rich amber color; smooth and toasted with notes of vanilla; silky and rich, long and balanced; lush and intense. long and rich; a gorgeous new iteration from America’s top whiskey brand.

89 St. Agrestis Negroni, USA ($25)

Deep red color; herbal nose; herbal. silky and lush with spice; sweet and needing to be dryer; sweet, silky and smooth; needs more dry gin.

92 Laughing Glass Firecracker, USA ($16)

Blanco tequila and orange with some serious heat; you can add more or just drink it as is; That would be just fine; another exciting product from these talented ladies.

93 Bols Genever, Netherlands ($39)

The original gin, imported from Holland; smooth spicy, creamy with rich and balanced flavors; this product won a Double Gold at the San Francisco World Spirits Competition.

93 George Dickel Original Tennessee Whisky No. 12, USA ($20)

Medium amber color; lush nose, smooth, silky and toasty with tangy flavors and balance; rich, ripe and stylish; alovely whiskey from Tennessee’s other great distillery.

92 Tequila Patron Gran Patron Smoky, Mexico ($199)

Yes, this is an attempt to cash in on the Mezcal craze; actually, it is a nice effort that straddles the smooth, creaminess of premium tequila and the smoky, earthiness of a rustic Mezcal; spicy, long and intense.

95 Laphroaig Lore, Scotland ($86)

There is no age statement on this, but I’m, sure there’s some 30-year-old in here; toasty, smoky, briney – what you would expect from this distiller, but there is subtlety, complexity and great depth; yes, Laphroaig is an acquired taste, but this one is amazing.

92 Bodega Biondi Pisco Uva Negra, Peru ($38)

Silky and smooth, crisp and bright with tangy, spicy flavors; fresh and bright, long and elegant.

95 Highland Park Valknut, Scotland ($80)

Deep, toasty nose; smooth and lush with creamy texture and lovely notes of orange peel and honey, caramel and spice; long, rich and generous; wow!

93 Graton Distilling D. George Benham’s Barrel Finished Gin, USA ($37)

Aromatic and smooth nose; lush, toasty and layered with creamy texture and complex flavors; rich, deep and long.

88 Korbel California Brandy, USA ($13)

Smooth, simple with sweet oak and smooth texture; clean and sweet,

89 Korbel XS, USA ($14)

Fragrant, smooth nose; creamy and very sweet, lush and deep, smooth and lush.

89 Korbel V.S.O.P Gold Reserve, USA ($17)

Medium amber; smooth, ripe and mellow with toast and sweetness; lush and long.

89 Plantation Jamaican Rum, Jamaica ($25)

Smooth, dry and fleshy with spicy and earthy notes; silky and balanced, long.

94 Balcones Distilling Texas Single Malt Whisky Classic Edition, USA ($80)

Smooth, rich and toasty with spice, dried fruits and caramel; lush, intense and elegant; high proof but adding a bit of water opens it up; amazing finesse.

94 Balcones Distilling Texas Rye Pot Distilled, USA ($80)

Lovely, fresh and spicy with luscious rye and spice; aromatic, silky, toasty and balanced with long, memorable flavors; spice and caramel, deep, balanced and long.

94 Balcones Distilling Baby Blue Whiskey, USA ($80)

Toasted corn nose; smooth, pure and generous; made from heirloom roasted blue corn; silky, a bit sweet, long and lovely.

94 Balcones Distilling True Blue Pot Distilled Whiskey, USA ($80)

Deep amber color; made from roasted blue corn; smooth, silky and toasted with juicy fruit and lovely balance; elegant, rich and deep, long and generous.

89 Playa Real Premium Pineapple Tequila, Mexico ($35)

Agave and sweet pineapple nose; smooth, mellow and sweet with soft fruit flavors; long and lush.

90 Playa Real Fruit Infused Mandarin Tequila, Mexico ($35)

Orange and agave spice nose; smooth, sweet and showing spice and soft agave flavor;clean and mellow.

92 Playa Real Premium Tequila Silver, Mexico ($35)

Soft agave nose; smooth, clean and spicy, mellow with silky texture; sweet and elegant, long and balanced with considerable style and finesse.

93 Papa’s Pilar 24 Dark Rum, USA ($47)

Deep amber color; soft vanilla nose; lush, sweet brown sugar and molasses; creamy texture and notes of toasted almond and dried apricot; long and rich, balanced and fresh.

94 Chamucos Spirits Tequila Diablo Blanco, Mexico ($40)

Fresh agave nose; intense, spicy, peppery and smooth, lush and floral, rich and intense; the proof is high but the tequila is smooth and balanced; long and deep, a revelation.

93 Reservoir Distillery Rye Whiskey, USA ($85)

Made from 100% rye; smooth, toasty and spicy with pepper notes and a hit of honey on the finish; intense and rich, long and balanced.

93 Reservoir Distillery Bourbon Whiskey, USA ($85)

Made from 100% corn; toasted corn nose, smooth, rich and intense; pure and lush with notes of oak, spice, dried fruits, vanilla and honey; lovely depth and a long finish.

93 Reservoir Distillery Wheat Whiskey, ($85)

Rich, toasty and deep with smooth, lush flavors of spice, oak and caramel; balanced and wheat-y with vanilla and honey on the finish; long and complex.

94 Woodford Reserve Select American Oak, USA ($129)

Silky and smooth with elegant, toasted oak with vanilla and caramel; spicy, elegant and luscious; long and lovely.

96 Woodford Reserve Oat Grain Kentucky Bourbon, USA ($129)

Deep amber color; lush, silky and sweet with fine, long flavors; classic and toasty, lovely, elegant and balanced flavors; superb, long and stunning.

91 Bluewater Organic Distilling Wintersun Organic Aquavit, USA ($37)

Smooth caraway nose; silky texture, anise flavor, fresh and racy; clean and bright, long and aromatic. Organic.

91 Distilleria Santa Teresa dei Fratelli Morolo Grappa Marolo, Italy ($62)

Silky and smooth, earthy and spiced with depth and finesse; long and lush; balanced and long,

90 Distilleria Fili Marolo Grappa & Camomile Grappa & Camomile, Italy ($30)

Sweet and silky with floral tea notes; lush and smooth, creamy and rich with depth and good length,

97 Ki No Bi Kyoto Dry Gin, Japan ($80)

Smooth, elegant and luscious with yuzu citrus in the nose; exotic and layered with sansho pepper, bamboo leaf and gyokura tea on a base of rice spirit; a stunning creation with balance and great depth.

92 Few Spirits American Whiskey, USA ($50)

Silky, smooth and spicy with sweet oak and bright fruit; juicy, fresh and balanced with a long finish; long and ripe; tangy and long.

93 Los Nahuales Mezcal Special Edition No. 3, Mexico ($102)

Earthy and rustic with depth and complexity; smooth and rich with toasted agave, clean,spicy flavors; complex, lush and layered.

92 Goslings Papa Seal Single Barrel Bermuda Rum, Bermuda ($199)

Deep amber color; silky, dry and toasty with notes of tamarind and orange; pure and rich, silky and smooth, long and lush and showing age.

97 Grain & Barrel Spirits Chicken Cock Straight Bourbon Whiskey Aged 10 years, USA ($250)

Rich vanilla and toasted oak in the nose; floral, smooth, creamy and sweet with amazing depth and finesse, notes of honey and caramel; so rich it’s almost like a liqueur.

98 Laphroaig 28 Year Old Islay Single Malt Scotch Whisky, Scotland ($799)

The nose is a wood fire; the first impression is smooth, briny, smoldering peat fire and spice; then comes the elegant salted clover honey, smooth, creamy texture and lovely structure; a classic single malt that deserves an entire evening of contemplation.

94 The Splinter Group Whip Saw Rye Whiskey, USA ($)

Rich, deep amber color; smooth rye nose; mellow, rich and smooth texture, toasty grains,sweet oak and notes of dried flowers and brioche;

93 Sugarlands Distilling Roaming Man Tennessee Straight Rye Whiskey 3 Years and 2 Months, USA ($50)

Smooth and intense; when watered, lush and mellow with spice and juicy rye; toasty,balanced and showing dried fruits and vanilla oak; long with finesse and style.

95 Booker’s Batch 2018-02 Backyard BBQ, USA ($65)

Cask strength; after watering: soft, spice and toast nose; smooth and elegant with sweet oak, lovely dried fruits and caramel; warming, with floral notes and vanilla; a stunning, complex achievement.

93 Dryfly Straight Wheat Whiskey Cask Strength Aged 3 Years, USA ($50)

Bright amber color; aged 3 years and made from wheat grown just a few miles from the distillery; high proof but smooth and rich, toasted and dense; mellow and intense, long and balanced.

92 Dryfly Straight Triticale Whiskey Aged 3 Years, USA ($40)

Deep amber color; lush and rich with very smooth texture; sweet oak and soft spice; velvety and showing depth and balance’; long and stylish.

93 Dryfly Straight Wheat Whiskey Port Barrel Finish Aged 3 Years, USA ($50)

Dark amber color; rich and deep with creamy texture and sweet, toasty flavors; lush and intense, balanced and delicious, long and lovely.

92 Dryfly Straight Bourbon 101 Aged 3 Years, USA ($50)

Clean, rich and spicy with toasty oak and lush texture; a spirit that blossoms into an elegant and poetic drink; deep and balanced.

92 Dryfly Washington Wheat Vodka, USA ($30)

Clean, fresh nose; smooth, silky and clean flavors with hints of vanilla and lush wheat; rich and balanced, ripe and long with lovely balance.

92 Dryfly Barrel Reserve Gin, USA ($40)

Pale amber color; soft toasty nose; creamy and lush with a base of winter wheat and notes of coriander, mint and lavender; oak-aged and rich, long and rich.

92 Dryfly Washington Dry Gin, USA ($30)

Spicy nose with notes of mint; lush and very smooth, built on a base of Washington wheat; soft juniper, Fuji apple, coriander and peppermint inform the rich, elegant flavors of this dense gin,

91 Dryfly Straight Wheat Whiskey Aged 3 Years Small Batch, USA ($40)

Rich amber color; smooth, rich nose; smooth, creamy texture reveals toasty, ripe grain and spice; gentle and easy-going with a bite on the finish.

90 Dubonnet Dubonnet Rouge, USA ($)

The last time I tasted this product was ten years ago; I rated it 66 on the 100-point scale; this version is lots better; its smooth and sweet with rich berry fruit and clean, lush flavors of ripe cherries and a hint of nuts and chocolate; try it on the r

92 Eastside Distilling Hue-Hue Coffee Rum, USA ($20)

Deep mahogany color; rich coffee aroma; smooth, intense coffee flavor with some nice sweetness and pure, gorgeous mocha intensity; rich and balanced; try some in your morning cup.

91 Ed Philips & Sons Co. Prairies Cucumber Flavored Organic Vodka , USA ($20)

Soft cucumber nose; silky texture and bright with smooth cucumber taste; organic, gluten free and made in Minnesota.

94 Glenmorangie Signet , USA ($200)

Soft, rich and elegant; mellow and smooth with toasty oak and spice; vanilla, rich and long; balanced and layered; rich and deep; long, precise and complex; a knockout.

93 James Buchanan & Co. Buchanan’s Select Aged 15 years, Scotland ($60)

Soft, mellow nose; smooth and elegant with carefully balanced flavors that range from toasty and intense to spicy and rich to soft and lush; a lovely blend that bring many elements to your glass; charming, polished and long.

92 Kentucky Springs Distilling Co. Basil Hayden’s Two by Two Rye, USA ($45)

Lovely floral nose, toasty with vanilla and smooth oak; tannic, lively and silky; nice rye flavors, spice and good balance; long and smooth, tangy and long.

91 Kinmen Kaoliang Kinmen Kaoliang, China ($25)

Lush, sorgham nose; earthy and lush, vegetal notes and tannins; a long earthy finish.

93 Ming River Sichuan Baijiu, China ($34)

Aromatic and smooth; rich, sweet and toasty, vegetal and harmonious; long and balanced; lovely pineapple notes; baijiu’s moment may have arrived

91 Moutai Prince Moutai Prince, China ($17)

Aromatic and earthy; sauce aroma; spice, sauce and earth plus vegetal notes

92 Suerte Tequila Reposado, Mexico ($36)

Silky and smooth with spicy and earthy agave, lush and deep, rich and balanced; long and toasted.

92 Suerte Tequila Blanco, Mexico ($30)

Good earthy agave nose; smooth, toasty and intense; smoky and rich, smooth and spicy; not dumbed down lie so many tequilas these days; lots of character and good length.

93 Suerte Tequila Anejo, Mexico ($50)

Pale amber color; rich and toasty, deep and creamy with some earthy agave notes and sweet caramel; luscious and long, rich and balanced.

91 Sugarlands Distilling Company Roaming Man Rye Whiskey Aged 2 years 8-10 months , USA ($50)

Deep, ruddy amber color; smooth rye nose; rich and deep with silky texture and toasty oak, spice and balanced grain notes; youthful but nicely balanced and long.

91 Surf City Still Works Shorebreak Vodka, USA ($28)

Smooth, creamy with a hint of vanilla; round and balanced, made from organic corn.

92 Surf City Still Works California Gin, USA ($32)

Citrus nose, silky texture and elegant flavors dominated by citrus; more finesse and style than you would expect from a first-time effort; this pretty bottle should be on every bar in Southern California.

87 The Empower Cocktail Company Cosmopolitan Martini, USA ($20)

Clear; citrus nose; smooth, fresh and soft; crisp and balanced.

91 Vinn Baijiu Vinn Distillery Brown Rice based, USA ($30)

Soft, cereal nose; clean and smooth, juicy and spicy; clean and balanced, long and fresh,

93 Virginia Distillery Co. Port Cask Finished Virginia-Highland Whisky, USA ($58)

Dark amber color; toasted and rich with sweet oak and hints of port casks; lush, spice and caramel, long and elegant, balanced and intense.

93 Virginia Distillery Co. Cider Cask Virginia-Highland Whiskey, USA ($58)

Pale amber color; spice and oak nose; classic and toasty with elegant and carefully balanced style; long and bright.

94 Woodinville Whiskey Co. 100% Rye Whiskey, USA ($55)

Fragrant with soft apple aromas; silky texture and dense rye notes; smooth with hints of cinnamon and Christmas spice; toasty, fresh and stylish, elegant and long.

93 Woodinville Whiskey Co. Straight Bourbon Whiskey, USA ($55)

Silky and bright with lovely notes of vanilla and lightly toasted oak; fresh, racy and clean with notes of dried fruit and light spice; long and generous.


93 Bulleit Rye Whiskey , USA ($28)

Rich and toasted, smooth with grass and rye, spicy and smooth; deep and lush.

93 El Tesoro 80th Anniversary Edition Extra Añejo Tequila Aged 8 Years, Mexico ($200)

Rich, earthy agave nose; medium amber color; smooth, toasty and rich; smoky agave, dense earthy notes; its complexity requires it be sipped over rocks, not in a cocktail.

93 Bowmore The Vintner’s Trilogy Single Malt Scotch Whisky Double Matured Manzanilla 18YO, Scotland ($127)

Smoky toasty nose; intense and spicy with smoke, sherry cask and typical Islay funk; long and smooth with considerable finesse.

96 Bowmore The Vintner’s Trilogy Single Malt Scotch Whisky French Oak Barrique 26YO, Scotland ($540)

Deep amber color; smoky, spicy nose; rich and toasty with smooth, rich flavors; sweet vanilla notes and silky texture; complex and spicy, smoky, long and rich; balanced and long.

95 Glenmorangie Spìos Private Edition Matured in American Ex-Rye Whiskey Casks, Scotland ($99)

Crisp, elegant and sweet with lovely spice, fine texture and amazing balance; silky, fresh and long.

92 Lvov Vodka Distilled from beets, ($20)

Earthy nose; creamy texture, sweet and lush with notes of vanilla; tangy and long, fresh and balanced; beets?

93 Pomp & Whimsy Gin Liqueur, USA ($40)

Light amber color; floral nose; sweet and rich with lovely flavors that hint at honeysuckle, lavender and roses; it all comes together in the glass; a special and unique experience.

92 Stillhouse Spirits Co. Black Bourbon Blended Bourbon Whiskey Mellowed in Coffee Beans, USA ($30)

Rich amber color; warm, sweet nose; smooth, sweet and toasted with lovely notes of roasted coffee, spice and nuts; creamy and dense with a long, complex finish; PLUS really innovative packaging.

93 Dancing Goat Limousin Rye Whiskey Barrel Aged with French Oak Staves, USA ($45)

Smooth and spicy with lush rye and toasty oak notes; mellow and rich, long and balanced.

90 Fluid Dynamics Dry Martini Russell Henry London Dry Gin with a whisper of Vya Extra Dry vermouth, USA ($20)

Smooth and aromatic with Russell Henry London dry gin and a hint of  Vya vermouth.

92 Sierra Norte Single Barrel White Corn Mexican Whiskey, Mexico ($50)

Dark amber; corn nose; clean, toasty and smooth with a hint of corn and spice; balanced and rich, long and fresh, whiskey from Mexico? who knew?

94 High West Whiskey Rendezvous Rye , USA ($60)

Warm, lush nose; spicy, peppery, rich and toasty; smooth notes of toasted grains; clean, ripe and deep with complexity that comes of age; a remarkable achievement.

93 High West Whiskey American Prairie Bourbon , USA ($35)

Smooth, toasty nose; floral and elegant with dried fruits and spice; generous, deep and nicely balanced; smooth and long.

95 High West Distillery Bourye, USA ($80)

Wow! Lush and rich with a smooth nose and deep flavors of spice, toast and sweet creamy notes; generous and dense; long and totally impressive.

94 La Luna Mezcal 100% Agave Cupreata, Mexico ($43)

A true artisanal mezcal made from the Cupreata agave strain grown at more than 5,000 feet elevation; the Pérez Escot family has produced this amazing spirit for three generations; intense and 49% alcohol; smoky, rich and surprisingly mellow, deep and lush.

91 Coopers’ Craft Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey, USA ($25)

Soft nose; silky and mild with sweet spice and vanilla oak; clean and smooth, silky, balanced and long.

85 Seersucker Southern Style Limeade Gin, USA ($25)

Cloudy and smelling of lime; floral and sweet with artificial lime flavor; smooth, creamy.

86 Seersucker Southern Style Lemonade Gin, USA ($25)

Clear and showing a lemon nose; creamy and lush with sweet and simple flavors.

90 Seersucker Southern Style Gin, USA ($25)

Clear with a lemony nose; smooth, citrusy and simple with dry, lemon flavor; balanced and long.

92 Los Nahuales Metodo Antiguo , Mexico ($72)

Lush smoky nose; fleshy, earthy and dense; spicy and rich, complex and rustic; long and smooth.

92 Sierra Norte Single Barrel Mexican Whiskey 85% Yellow Corn, 15% malted barley, Mexico ($49)

Toasted corn nose; smooth, silky and sweet with smooth corn and spice flavors; mellow and lush, long and deep.

90 Sierra Norte Single Barrel Mexican Whiskey 85% White corn, 15% malted barley, Mexico ($49)

Lean and clean, fresh and racy; tangy and bright, bright and a little short.

91 Sierra Norte Single barrel Mexican Whiskey 85% Black Corn, 15% malted barley, Mexico ($49)

Toasted corn nose; smooth, creamy and lush; interesting vegetal component; spicy and rich, grassy and complex; long and rich.

93 Bulleit Rye Whiskey ($28)

Rich and toasted, smooth with grass and rye, spicy and smooth; deep and lush with toast and caramel; long and pure, a classic rye from this top producer.

90 Dos Ron Rum 8 years old, Dominic Republic ($35)

Bright amber color; rich caramel nose; smooth, lush and sweet with notes of vanilla and tropical spice; creamy and long.

91 Dos Ron Rum 16 years old, Dominic Republic ($50)

Deep amber color; rich, spiced nose; smooth, toasty and dense; dry, complex and deep, spicy and long.

91 Colina Colada Ron Con Horchata, ($25)

Smooth, creamy and showing almond and lovely toast; rich and balanced, long and stylish.

92 1792 Full Proof Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey , USA ($45)

Lush, sweet and deep nose; smooth, sweet and toasty; silky and deep with no hard edges; mellow, dense and long; cask strength.

88 Bom Bom Fully Baked , ($20)

Smooth and tasting of chocolate; made with hemp milk; sweet, creamy and rich; fresh and long.

87 Bom Bom Nilli Vanilli, ($20)

Kind of grey color; sweet and showing notes of maple and vanilla; smooth, creamy and lush.

95 Caorunn Gin, Scotland ($35)

Exceptionally smooth, rich and deep with complex. elegant flavors; the Scots showing the English how its done; double-gold winner at the San Francisco World Spirits Competition this year.

90 Heaven’s Door Double Barrel Whiskey, USA ($50)

Creamy texture and sweet, fruity style; lush and toasty, complex and layered; balanced with some thinness on the finish.

92 Heaven’s Door Whiskey , USA ($50)

Smooth, floral nose; mellow and lush, long and toasty with spice, oak and dried fruits and flowers; balanced and long.

93 Heaven’s Door Whiskey, ($50)

Smooth and toasty with lush texture and notes of tea, chocolate and spice box; complex and elegant, refined and long.

91 Sugarland Distilling Co Appalachian Sippin’ Cream Strawberry Dream, USA ($25)

Light pink color; soft strawberry nose and smooth, creamy texture; soft authentic strawberry flavor with a nice alcohol kick on the finish.

93 Dimmi Liquore Di Milano Liqueur, Italy ($34)

Clear and fragrant, sweet and spiced with notes of orange, white flowers and cinnamon; smooth and long.



December 2017

By: Blue Lifestyle

92 3 Kilos Vodka Gold 999.9  ($36)

Clear with a soft, neutral nose; smooth, dry, clean and neutral with creamy texture and luxurious style; lush and long. Distilled from wheat.

93 Aermoor Vodka, USA  ($37)

Soft vanilla nose; creamy texture with subtly sweet flavors; elegant and smooth; silky texture; balanced, long and lovely. Distilled from sugarcane.

93 Low Gap Rye Whiskey, USA ($75)

Light amber color; smooth, toasty nose; lush rye flavors, vanilla oak and sweet hints of caramel; deep, rich and balanced; lovely and long.

94 Pikesville 6 Year Old Straight Rye Whiskey, USA($50)

Medium amber color; rye grain nose; smooth and toasted with lush rye flavors; vanilla, caramel and floral notes; graceful and rich with mellow style; rich, elegant and long.

96 The Last Drop Distillers 1971 Blended Scotch Whisky, Scotland ($3999)

Medium amber color; smooth and toasty with notes of dried fruits, soft herbs and smoke; deep and mellow with rich, generous flavors; complex and intense, long and layered.

93 The Sexton Single Malt Irish Whiskey, Ireland ($28)

Medium amber color; toasty, smoky nose; rich, smooth and toasted with sweet oak and lovely spice; lush and deep, silky and long.



October & November 2017

By: Blue Lifestyle

93 Boondocks 11 Year Old American Whiskey ($50)

Light amber color; a mellow, aged whiskey made by renowned master distiller David Scheurich; smooth, creamy and showing toasted marshmallow and vanilla; oaked, rich and balanced; long and charming.

93 Boondocks  11 Year Old Cask Strength American Whiskey ($60)

Medium amber color; smooth and sweet with intensity and depth; lush and rich with caramel and mellow flavors (after watering); rich oak and spice; balanced and long.

92 Boondocks 8 Year Old Straight Bourbon Whiskey Finished in Port Barrels, USA ($50)

Medium amber color; lush and toasty with sweet oak and hints of port; rich and smooth with balance and a long deep finish.

90 Havana Club Añejo Blanco Rum, Puerto Rico ($20)

Clear; vanilla nose; smooth and clean with vanilla, spice and forward alcohol; lush tangy and balanced.

91 Havana Club Añejo Classico Rum, Puerto Rico ($22)

Medium amber color; smooth toasty vanilla nose; lush and creamy with rich vanilla and spice; long and balanced; a worthy homage to the original.

92 Henry McKenna 10 Year Old Bottled in Bond Straight Kentucky Bourbon Whiskey, USA ($30)

Deep amber color; toasty and smooth with lush, warm style; creamy and rich with depth and intensity; toasted oak, spice and dried fruit; long and complex.

92 Martini & Rossi Riserva Speciale Bitter Liqueur, Italy ($27)

Deep scarlet color; bitter herbal nose; smooth, bitter and sweet; this is Martini’s answer to Campari; its a lush, spicy, effort with sweet vanilla and nice balance; long and creamy.

93 Nosotros Tequila Blanco, Mexico ($46)

Smooth, sweet agave nose with earthy notes and lovely style from a label founded by Costa Rica native Carlos Soto; elegant and refined but still showing depth and rustic charm.

92 Nosotros Tequila Reposado, Mexico ($46)

Light amber color; soft agave nose; smooth, toasty and showing notes of earth, spice and roasted agave and vanilla; lush and spicy, long and balanced.

95 Parker’s Heritage Collection 11 Year Old Single Barrel Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey, USA ($130)

Medium amber color; smooth, toasty and intense with rich spice and vanilla notes; balanced (when watered)and showing notes of cherry, caramel and hickory smoke; complex and masterful.

92 Ragtime Rye American Straight Whiskey ($41)

Rye grain nose; spicy, earthy and smooth, rounded and complex; long and toasted; balanced and very authentic.



September 2017

By: Blue Lifestyle

96 Angel’s Envy Cask Strength Bourbon Whiskey , USA ($200)

Deep, rich amber color; smooth, toasty and mellow (once it’s cut with water); sweet grain and dried fruits with creamy texture; lovely, sweet notes of leather and spice; long and intense.

87 New Amsterdam Apple Flavored Vodka, USA ($15)

Soft, fresh apple nose; juicy apple with lots of sweetness; intensely flavored and rich; smooth and long.

90 New Amsterdam Raspberry Flavored Vodka, USA ($15)

Smooth perfumed raspberry nose; silky and intensely flavored; juicy, fresh and slightly sweet; long and racy, bright and fresh.

90 New Amsterdam Lemon Flavored Vodka, USA ($15)

Juicy and assertively lemon flavors; smooth, natural and with just a touch of sweetness; fresh and lush with good length.

93 Tenure England Vodka, U.K. ($22)

Smooth and mellow with dry, neutral flavors; elegant and soft with lush, velvety texture; fresh and long.

92 Virus Vodka (Gluten Free), USA ($25)

Silky texture; dry and peppery with smooth, clean flavors; neutral, deep and lush; refined and long.



July & August 2017

By: Blue Lifestyle

91 Cedar Ridge Malted Rye Whiskey, USA ($42)

Light amber color; soft, spicy nose; silky texture and floral notes; light toastiness and mellow flavors; balanced, graceful and long.

91 Cedar Ridge Iowa Bourbon Whiskey, USA ($39)

Bright amber color; smooth nose; sweet style; toasty and stylish; long and balanced.

92 Cedar Ridge Single Malt Whiskey Single Cask Selection, USA ($63)

Medium amber color; smooth, ripe and toasty nose; rich and dense with clean, toasted malt and spice; bready and rich; complex and elegant.

91 Cedar Ridge Single Malt Whiskey, USA ($52)

Pale amber color; silky, mellow and earthy notes; smooth and graceful with balanced, style and finesse.

92 Cedar Ridge Wheat Whiskey, USA ($39)

Toasty and spicy nose; silky and rich with vanilla oak and complex spices; balanced, elegant flavors and notes of sweet spice; mellow and long.

92 Copper & Kings American Craft Brandy, USA ($35)

Soft, toasty oak nose; silky and aromatic, elegant and floral; lush yet delicate with deep flavors and considerable finesse; refined and balanced with good length.

93 Destillaré Intense Orange Curaçao, USA ($35)

Pale amber color; silky and tangy with lovely authentic orange flavors; sweet but not cloying; with a base of pot stilled apple brandy; elegant and exquisite.

88 Don Q Piña Rum, Puerto Rico ($14)

Clear and showing a pineapple nose; silky and sweet with ripe pineapple flavors; creamy and bright with a long, tangy finish.

90 Dulce Vida Pineapple Jalapeño Tequila, Mexico ($20)

Intense aroma of capsicum; pale cloudy yellow color; smooth, with soft pineapple and some jalapeño heat; silky texture and soft agave notes, bright and long.

92 Dulce Vida Organic Tequila Blanco, Mexico ($20)

Soft, earthy nose; silky smooth with bright agave flavors; smooth and lively with smoky, juicy style; rich, balanced and intense. Organic.

92 Kilbeggan Single Grain Irish Whiskey, Ireland ($30)

Light amber color; rich, smooth grain nose; silky and toasted with lovely barley flavors and elegant style; long and sweet with balance and style.

96 Kimo Sabe Mezcal CINCO DE NOVIEMBRE Mezcal, Mexico ($500)

Smooth, earthy and peppery nose; lush, creamy texture with elegant but rustic style; floral and rich with pepper and spice notes; earthy and showing intense agave flavors; long and smooth with balance and a long, dense finish.

94 Kimo Sabe Añejo Mezcal, Mexico ($54)

Pale gold color; smooth agave nose; smooth and spicy with licorice, vanilla and caramel; creamy and elegant; long and exceptional.

91 Laughing Glass All Natural Low Calorie Margarita, USA ($16)

Bright fresh and juicy with clean lime, triple sec and blanco tequila; tangy and delicious with depth and an all natural impression; delightful and it’s low calorie!

92 Laughing Glass All Natural Pomegranate Low Calorie Margarita, USA ($19)

Pink color; bright fruit nose; juicy and fresh with bright pomegranate and citrus; made with all natural ingredients and blanco tequila; fresh, tangy and it’s low calorie.

93 Los Nahuales Special Edition #2 Mezcal, Mexico ($84)

Smooth smoky, nutty nose; spicy and supple with earthy notes and plenty of smoke; intense and rich, balanced and long with lots of character.

92 Los Nahuales Blanco Mezcal, Mexico ($62)

Smoky, earthy nose; silky and intense with off-dry, smoky flavors; dense and earthy with balance and good length.

93 Redemption Wheated Bourbon, USA ($46)

Deep toasted grain nose; silky, lush and balanced with dried fruit, spice and toast; sweet oak, vanilla and soft wheat notes; elegant and deep.



June 2017

By: Blue Lifestyle

92 Black Button Distilling Lilac Gin 2017, USA ($20)

Lovely floral, lilac nose; smooth and rich with creamy texture and intensely flavorful; spicy and bursting with deep notes of lilacs and other botanicals; a great addition to any creative cocktail.

94 Mount Gay 1703 Master Select Limited-Edition Batch Aged Rum, Barbados ($150)

Deep amber color; smooth nose; dry, rich and toasty with elegant flavors and a mature caramel finish; complex and layered.

85 Novo Fogo Sparkling Caipirinha Cocktail, Brazil ($4)

Rich and natural flavors; lively agave sweetness with bright Brazilian cachaça and natural carbonation.

93 Wild Turkey Rare Breed Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey, USA ($45)

Smooth, vanilla nose; rich, toasty and floral with lush, intense sweet oak and spice; creamy, dense and elegant; balanced and long.


May 2017

By: Blue Lifestyle

92 Azar Distilling Seersucker Southern Style Gin, USA ($25)

Smooth citrus nose; lush and generous with soft texture and lovely balance.

95 Caorunn Small Batch Scottish Gin, Scotland ($35)

Citrus and floral nose; silky and fresh with notes of heather, dandelion and apple; smooth, lush and mellow with creamy texture and unique style; lush, rich and deep.

92 Do Good Distillery Cherry Wood Smoked Whisky, USA ($55)

Medium amber color; smooth, yeasty nose; smooth and toasty with with cherry and smoke; balanced and long.

92 Do Good Distillery Nighthawk Bourbon Whisky, USA ($46)

Light amber color; smooth vanilla oak nose; toasty, lush and spicy with racy flavors and depth; balanced and long.

93 Do Good Distillery Benevolent Czar Whisky, USA ($50)

Deep amber color; lush grain and spice nose; silky and toasty with roasted, complex flavors; rich and intense, balanced and long.

91 Ginny’s Gin Distilled from Grapes & Grain, USA ($36)

Soft, spicey nose; smooth and lush with hints of citrus and vanilla; mellow, creamy and rich.

93 Jura Single Malt Scotch Whisky, Scotland ($45)

Warm amber color; silky smooth and slightly toasted; lush dried fruit with hints of ginger, coffee and chocolate; lovely and showing a sweet sherry finish.

94 Lone Whisker Straight Bourbon Whiskey Aged 12 years, USA ($150)

Medium amber color; toasty and lush nose; silky and floral with cherry fruit and smooth texture; toasty and elegant, refined and balanced; lovely and long; rich and generous.

91 Marble Distilling Co. Moonlight Expresso Rocky Mountain Roast, Family Recipe, USA ($33)

Deep caramel color; roasted coffee nose; lush and creamy, sweet and toasted; rich and long.

89 Pierre Ferrand Reserve, Double Cask Cognac, France ($80)

Smooth, fruity nose; toasty, smooth and spicy with edgy, long flavors; dense and long.

92 Re:Find Neutral Brandy (Vodka), USA ($38)

Smooth and silky with vanilla and dry, creamy texture; lush and balanced, long and fresh.

92 Re:Find Limoncello Liqueur, USA ($28)

Clear yellow color; sweet lemon nose; silky, smooth and creamy-textured; bright, sweet lemon with a touch of rind; long and rich, balanced and appealing.

94 Singani 63 Bolivian Brandy, Bolivia ($35)

Silky and aromatic with rich texture and spicy floral notes; made from Muscat of Alexandria; fresh, bright and smooth with enticing depth and finesse; balanced, tangy and long; imported by director Steven Soderbergh.

92 Soto Super Premium Junmai Sake, Japan ($45)

Soft, floral nose; silky and smooth with lovely finesse and balance; elegant and refined; long and balanced.

92 Tuaca Originale Liquore Italiano ($20)

Deep amber color; creamy and lush with vanilla, caramel and hazelnut; sweet and smooth; made in Canada with Italian brandy added; smooth and rich with balance and finesse.


April 2017

By: Blue Lifestyle

90 Ancho Reyes Chile Liqueur, Mexico ($33)

Caramel color; smooth, sweet capsicum nose; silky and lush with sweetness and ancho chile; spicy with a good measure of heat; dense and rich.

93 Blade and Bow Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey, USA ($50)

Smoky, rich nose; fleshy, earthy and rich with toasty oak and smooth texture; lush, dense and balanced.

92 Brothership Irish-American Blended Whiskey, USA ($50)

Pale amber; fragrant oak and smooth texture; mellow and toasty with dense grain and graceful finish; fresh and long.

91 Don Q Oak Barrel Spiced Rum, Puerto Rico ($30)

Medium amber color; smooth and lush with deep vanilla and considerable spiciness; some heat and aggressive spice; rich and intense.

92 Don Q Signature Release Gold Rum Limited Edition 2007, Puerto Rico ($40)

Medium amber color; creamy and smooth with vanilla and toasty oak; mellow with notes of mature, spicy, elegant rum; generous and long.

92 Eastside Distilling Portland Potato Vodka, USA ($17)

Smooth and silky with vanilla and notes of earthiness; clean, mellow and balanced; long and creamy.

92 Fremont Mischief Whiskey, USA ($37)

Smooth, rich nose; silky and bright with flavors of tea, spice and dried fruit; toasty and graceful.

93 Fugitives Spirits Grandgousier Tennessee Whiskey, USA ($68)

Light amber color; spicy, toasty and smooth; bright, fresh and rich with silky texture and lovely grains; long and likable.

91 Fugitives Spirits Manifesto Tennessee Nascent Whiskey, USA ($48)

Clear and toasty nose with spice and ripe corn; smooth, fresh, silky and generous, rich young distillate; balanced and long.

92 Fugitives Spirits Tennessee Waltz Whiskey, USA ($54)

Smooth, toasty and lush with notes of tea, grains and spice; silky and showing some herbs; complex and balanced.

90 Gorki List ‘The Bitter Leaf’ Herbal Liqueur, Serbia ($30)

Dark caramel color; very bitter with dense herbal notes and sweetness underneath; silky and smooth with intense botanicals; is this the Serbian version of Italian Amaro?

92 Grand Teton Born and Bred Potato Vodka, USA ($27)

Smooth and creamy with lush vanilla and subtle flavors; dry, rich and long.

90 Grand Teton Vishnovka (Cherry Flavored Vodka), USA ($29)

Pale cherry color; cherry nose with ripe bing cherry flavor; smooth and fresh; long and bright

89 Grand Teton Ultra Premium Vodka, USA ($24)

Edgy nose; smooth, crisp and clean; fresh and balanced.

91 Hillrock Estate Distillery Double Cask Rye Whiskey, USA ($90)

Dark amber color; ripe, toasty nose; spicy and lively with a tannic note; smooth, lush and toasty.

89 Hillrock Estate Distillery Single Malt Whiskey, USA ($100)

Medium amber color; smooth, toasty nose; silky and smooth with clean, toasty and mellow flavors; generous and soft with balance and a touch of spice.

91 Hillrock Estate Distillery Solera Aged Bourbon Whiskey, USA ($80)

Deep amber color; toasty, smoky nose; silky and smooth with sweet oak and lush, smooth style; fresh, balanced and long.

97 Kavalan Amontillado Sherry Cask Single Malt Whiskey cask strength, Taiwan ($599)

Deep caramel color; lush, smooth sherry nose; rich texture and intense flavors; toasted, spicy and complex with layers of intensity;

96 Kavalan Manzanilla Sherry Cask Single Malt Whiskey cask strength, Taiwan ($599)

Deep caramel color; rich and intense with deep flavors of toasted oak, spice and dried fruits; dry, smooth and concentrated; long and balanced.,

98 Kavalan Pedro Ximenez Sherry Cask Single Malt Whiskey cask strength, Taiwan ($699)

Deep caramel color; lush and smooth with toasty oak, spice and great depth; sherry wood and velvety, intense flavors; remarkable; like an explosion in the mouth; stunning and long.

91 Marble Distilling Co. Gingercello, USA ($39)

Ginger nose; smooth and lush with creamy texture and sweet citrus; rich lemon and good balance.

92 Marble Distilling Co. Gingercello Reserve, USA ($55)

Pale amber; spicy ginger and sweet citrus; spicy, complex and long with racy style.

90 Marble Distilling Co. Marble Vodka 80°, USA ($32)

Silky texture, clean and tangy; clean and edgy.

91 Mezcales de Leyenda Puebla Mezcal, Mexico ($85)

Smooth and lush with rich, toasted vanilla flavors; lush and unusual,; spicyu and balanced.

87 Mezcales de Leyenda San Luis Potosi Mezcal, Mexico ($80)

herbal nose; smooth, herbal and floral; spicy and unusual.

93 Portobello Road London Dry Gin, United Kingdom ($35)

Botanical and vanilla nose; smooth, creamy texture with vanilla, spice and lush style; complex flavors, ripe and mellow with depth and good length.

88 Ron Barceló Ańejo Dominican Rum, Dominican Republic ($16)

Medium amber color; woody, spicy nose with notes of sugar and silky texture; toasty and smooth with balance and good flavors at a very good price; destined for cocktails.

91 Ron Barceló Imperial Dominican Rum, Dominican Republic ($30)

Deep amber color; toasty, rich nose; smooth and silky with toasty oak and brown sugar; long and balanced.

94 Sagatiba Envelhecida, Brazil ($30)

Aromatic nose with rich flavors; smooth, spicy and mellow with sweet oak and soft notes of bourbon barrels; lush and elegant, long and balanced.

95 Sagatiba Preciosa, Brazil ($200)

Deep amber color; 23-year-old spirit with a smooth, lush aromatic nose; silky and toasted with rich, deep flavors; notes of spice, mint, dried fruits and complex wood; rich and balanced, long and lovely.

92 Sagatiba Pura, Brazil ($25)

Soft nose; silky, smooth and aromatic with spice and bright flavors; lush and balanced.

93 Straw Boys Irish Vodka, Ireland ($20)

Smooth and lush with mellow flavors of vanilla and rich texture; creamy and mellow, long and balanced.

87 Sugarlands Distilling Co. Appalachian Sipping Cream Electric Orange Cream Liqueur, USA ($25)

Pale orange color; smooth and creamy with orange combined with sweet cream; fresh and mellow.

94 Sutcliffe & Son ‘The Exceptional Grain’ Blended Grain Scotch Whisky, Scotland ($120)

Smooth, elegant and toasty nose that shows multiple fruits and vanilla; silky, mellow, elegant and rich with smoke and depth; ripe and lush.

93 DÉCADA Tequila, Mexico ($46)

Fresh, smooth and clean with a refined nose of agave. Silky and creamy with balance and fine flavors, long and elegant.

94 Trust Me Ultra Premium Potato Vodka ($35)

Clean nose; smooth texture and lush flavors; elegant and creamy, supple and long; rich and impressively refined; this vodka stands out for its generosity and class.

95 Trust Me Ultra Premium Wheat Vodka ($35)

Smooth, lush and creamy with lovely flavors of vanilla and wheat; amazing finesse and depth; stunning generosity and elegance; in a crowded category this product stands out.

93 WhistlePig Farmstock Rye Whiskey, USA ($90)

Spicy, rye nose; smooth, rich and spicy with toasty, ripe style with floral notes and depth; deep and lush.



March 2017

By: Blue Lifestyle

92 Bache-Gabrielsen 6 months aged Cognac American Oak, France ($40)

Smooth and lush with notes of toasty Tennessee oak; silky and rich with vanilla and spice; deep, mellow and fresh with balance, style and finesse; long and modern, ideal for cocktails.

93 Copper & Kings 7 Year Old Muscat Brandy Blue Sky Mining, Aged 30 Months, Copper Pot-Distilled, Non-Chill Filtered, USA ($40)

Medium amber color; smooth, aromatic and lush with notes of rose petal, peach and vanilla oak; high-proof but very mellow nonetheless; lush, balanced and long.

93 Copper & Kings American Craft Brandy, USA ($35)

Medium amber color; smooth, aromatic and lush with notes of rose petal, peach and vanilla oak; high-proof but very mellow nonetheless; lush, balanced and long.

92 Don Ciccio & Figli C3 Carciofo Handcrafted Liqueur, USA ($36)

Dark mahogany color; artichoke nose; silky and bitter with intense herbaceous flavors; rich, long and off-dry; lush and smooth; definitely an acquired taste.

92 Fremont Mischief Dark Northern Rye Whiskey, USA ($39)

Medium amber color; vanilla, spice and caramel nose; silky texture and toasty flavors; smooth, spicy and balanced; supple and long.

92 Gružanska Nit Plum Brandy, Serbia ($39)

Pale amber color; smooth and lush with toasted plum; dry and floral with lovely plum and spice; silky and deep, long and balanced.
90 Gružanska Nit Quince Brandy, Serbia ($39)

Clear; soft, perfumed nose; smooth and lush with spiced fruit and floral notes; rich, dry and deep; long and balanced.

88 Gružanska Nit Williams Pear Brandy with Honey, Serbia ($39)

Pale yellow and cloudy; soft pear nose and sweet honey notes; soft, smooth and clean with sweet style; smooth and rich.

91 Gružanska Nit Williams Pear Brandy, Serbia ($39)

Clear; smooth pear nose; smooth, dry and lush with pear fruit and deep flavors; rich and dense; long and balanced.

91 Kimo Sabe Joven Mezcal 100% Agave, joven : albedo, family crafted, Mexico ($36)

Clear, smooth with silky texture and peppery notes; lush, toasty and showing a hint of sweetness; smoky, lush and balanced.

92 Kimo Sabe Reposado Mezcal 100% Agave, reposado: rubedo, family crafted, aged in oak for 6 months, Mexico ($36)

Pale amber color; smooth, lush and smoky nose; smoky, lush and balanced with pepper and spice; toasty and long.

92 Ogden’s Own Distillery Madam Pattirini Gin Small Batch, USA ($20)

Smooth juniper nose; silky texture and dry spicy flavors; flavors of citrus, ginger and sleek herbs and spices; clean, fresh and long.

93 Ogden’s Own Distillery Porter’s Apple Liqueur Canadian Whiskey, Natural Apple and Neutral Spirits, USA ($20)

Pale amber color; rich apple nose; smooth and creamy with sweet, fresh apple fruit; lush and dense with creamy texture.

90 Ron Barceló Gran Añejo Dominican Rum, Dominican Republic ($20)

Medium amber color; smooth, lush and spicy with toasted oak and brown sugar; clean, mellow and balanced.

93 Santo Mezquila Agave Tequila/Mezcal 50% Distilled Blue Agave & 50% Distilled Espadin Agave, Mexico ($55)

Smooth smoky nose; silky and clean with fresh, clean, spicy style; this product represents a partnership between Jack Daniels (Wilson Daniels), rocker Sammy Hagar and pop icon Adam Levine; a blend of tequila and mezcal, it is elegant and earthy at the sam

93 Sombra Joven Mezcal, Mexico ($39)

Smooth and smoky with roasted pinon and lots of smoky spice and some rich sweetness; earthy and showing wildflower and earthy, peppery notes; this is the real thing.

93 Suntory Whisky Toki Japanese Whisky, Japan ($40)

Pale amber color; smooth, elegant nose; silky texture and light, floral style; lush and bright, clean and balanced; refined, fresh and long.

92 TX Texas Straight Bourbon Whiskey Firestone & Robertson Distilling Co., USA ($50)

Medium amber color; lush floral nose; silky texture and notes of earth, spice and caramel; elegant and showing considerable finesse; deep fruit and spice.

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