2016 Spirits Reviews

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92 Alacran Cristal Añejo Tequila, Mexico ($50)

Soft agave nose; clear, silky and bright with a good earthy agave component; dry, supple and bright with a long finish.

93 Alacran Reposado Tequila, Mexico ($)

Pale amber color; soft agave nose; lush and smooth with clean, dry flavors of agave; spicy, fresh and balanced; long and peppery.

90 Ancho Reyes Verde Poblano Chile Licor, Spain ($33)

Grassy, herbal nose; smooth and hot spicy with earth and grass; poblano capsicum with some sweetness; long and intense.

94 Angel’s Envy Bourbon Whiskey finished in port barrels, cask strength finished in port barrels, cask strength, USA ($180)

Deep amber color; spicy, toasted nose; smooth and complex with deep, toasty, mellow flavors; intense and nuanced, long and deep.

91 Avuá Cachaça Oak Cachaça, Brazil ($50)

Pale amber color; toasty, aromatic with vanilla and spice; complex and rich.

93 Avuá Cachaça Prata Cachaça, Brazil ($30)

Clear, aromatic and showing herbs and vanilla in the nose; silky, lush and smooth with spice; rich and balanced long and deep.

92 Bailoni Gold-Marillenschnaps Apricot Liqueur , Austria ($43)

Clear; dry and smooth with apricot and floral notes; balanced and long.

92 Beet Spirits, Inc. BET Vodka, USA ($35)

Smooth and creamy with rich texture and mellow, off-dry flavors; vanilla, lush and clean with elegant style and refined finish.

92 Berentzen Apple Liqueur, Germany ($19)

Light amber in color; lovely fresh apple nose; silky and authentically fresh with lovely apple flavors; juicy and crisp with medium sweetness; the bright apple flavor is rendered with precision and grace.

91 Berentzen Peach Liqueur, Germany ($19)

Creamy, but not cloying; clear and smooth with natural peach flavor; fresh, smooth and sweet but quite precise in flavor; juicy and nicely balanced.

92 Blue Nectar Tequila Founders Blend Añejo Tequila , Mexico ($67)

Medium amber color; smooth agave and spice nose; silky and smooth texture with toast and aromatic agave; mellow and spicy with depth and a long, elegant style; warm, fresh finish.

93 Boardroom Spirits B 100% real beet, USA ($30)

Clear; earthy nose; smooth, silky and lush with lovely, sweet beet flavor; elegant and balanced; an eau-de-vie made from beets that is luscious on its own and would be exciting in a cocktail.

91 Boodles Mulberry Gin, England ($29)

Deep ruby color; smooth and sweet, lush and spicy with bright acidity and lovely berry fruit; mellow and long.

95 Booker’s Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey Bluegrass, USA ($60)

Smooth caramel nose; lush and bright with lovely floral notes; smooth and mellow with ripe, rich, spice, oak and pepper; almost seven years old and, at cask strength, amazingly approachable; creamy vanilla and lovely spice; a stunning whiskey.

94 Booker’s Noe Secret Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey , USA ($60)

Sweet oak vanilla nose; smooth, spicy and rich with toasty oak; smooth, lovely dried fruits and lush flavors; rich, intense and luscious; long and complex.

93 Boondocks Whiskey Aged 11 years, USA ($40)

Pale amber color; smooth, ripe and floral nose; smooth, rich texture and lush, warm flavors of soft spice and leather, creamy and mellow with sweet oak and a long finish.

92 Boondocks Whiskey Cask Strength, aged 11 years, USA ($60)

Medium amber color; intense and smooth with lush, warm flavors of dried fruit, leather and spice; rich, balanced and long.

92 Bulleit Bourbon, USA ($28)

Medium amber color; smooth, floral nose; rich and toasty with soft, mellow flavors

93 Bulleit Rye Whiskey , USA ($28)

Light amber color; soft, dry nose; smooth, spicy and deep with dry, toasty flavors; elegant and lush; long and balanced.

92 Bully Boy Distillers Estate Gin, USA ($30)

Smooth and clean with juniper, spice and hints of apple; lush texture and notes of coriander;

91 Bumbu Rum Company Gold Rum The Original, Barbados ($36)

Medium amber color; silky and lush with vanilla, cookie dough flavors; creamy, bright and fresh.

92 Bushmills 10 Year Old Single Malt Irish Whiskey, Ireland ($54)

Smooth apple and pear in nose; medium amber color; silky, smooth and ripe, sweet honey notes; lush. long and balanced.

93 Bushmills 16 Year OId Single Malt Irish Whiskey, Ireland ($91)

Smooth and smoky with toast and honey sweetness; sherry casks give it a rich complexity; deep and lush, long and balanced, ripe and intense.

92 Castello Banfi Grappa, Italy ($40)

Composty nose; smooth, clean and showing a touch of sweetness; earthy, balanced and rich with lovely texture and a long, elegant finish.

95 Christian Drouin Calvados Pays d’ Auge 1990, France ($183)

Medium amber color; smooth toasted apple nose; smooth, lush and mellow with silky texture and lovely toasted apple; silky and layered with sweet oak and smooth, rich texture.

90 Cooperstown Distillery American Whiskey The Triple Play, USA ($115)

Smooth, toasty and balanced; ripe and long, fresh and deep.

89 Coppersea Bourbon Excelsior, USA ($78)

Smooth, earthy and grassy.

91 Coppersea Corn Whiskey, USA ($78)

Earthy and herbal; toasty and rounded with rich, spicy stye; cereal, ripe and smooth.

88 Coppersea Rye Whiskey Raw Rye, USA ($78)

Smooth and silky with oily style and hints of tobacco.

89 Coppersea Single Malt Whiskey Green Malt Barely, USA ($78)

Aromatic and leafy, spicy, smooth and toasty; grassy and floral, herbaceous.

92 Crafthouse Cocktails Moscow Mule Vodka Cocktail, USA ($20)

Smooth and juicy with a nice snap of ginger; spritzy, crisp and bright.

91 Crafthouse Cocktails Paloma Tequila Cocktail, USA ($20)

Spicy, crisp and showing agave and tangy acidity with citrus and balance.

90 Crafthouse Cocktails Southside Gin Cocktail, USA ($20)

Bright, smooth and tangy with lime and racy acidity; crisp, fresh and refreshing.

94 Cráneo Organic Mezcal Organic Mezcal Atesanal, Mexico ($58)

Clear and smooth; smoky, silky and balanced with citrus, spice and green banana; smooth texture and rich flavors; organic.

92 Creyente Mezcal Joven, Mexico ($50)

Clear and bright; Silky and smooth with soft spice and moderate toast; mellow, refined and rich with balance and good length.

93 Distillery 291 White Dog Rye Whiskey, USA ($48)

Smooth and clean with spice and mellow, deep flavors; clear and dry with fresh, racy style.

94 Distillery 291 White Whiskey Fresh, USA ($70)

Smooth, creamy and rich with minerals and floral hints and soft spice; clean, fresh and silky with balance; distilled from corn.

94 Don Q 2005 Signature Release Single Barrel Gold Rum, Puerto Rico ($46)

Light amber color; smooth vanilla and brown sugar nose; silky and smooth with lovely depth and elegance; graceful and spicy with notes of orange peel and great refinement; admirable balance.

93 Don Q Oak Barrel spiced Rum, Puerto Rico ($30)

Amber color; lovely burnt sugar nose; smooth and toasted with peppery spice and mellow caramel flavors; silky texture and lovely balance; great in cocktails or on the rocks.

92 Dry Line Dry Gin, USA ($45)

Juniper nose; minty, aromatic and smooth with rich botanicals; lush, spicy and long.

93 Egan’s Whiskey Single Malt Irish Whiskey Aged 10 Years, Ireland ($50)

Spicy, herbal nose; toasty and rich with smooth, pure malt and lovely dry cereal notes; clean, deep and articulate.

91 Flaming Leprechaun Fiery Cinnamon Whiskey Irish Spirit , Ireland ($25)

Lush cinnamon nose; smooth, sweet and spicy with rich cinnamon; lush and long.

90 Flaming Leprechaun Gin Limestone Filtered, Ireland ($24)

Aromatic nose; smooth texture and assertive; berries, spice and heat; rustic and long.

93 Flaming Leprechaun Irish Whiskey Special Reserve, Ireland ($30)

Medium amber color; smooth, earthy nose; lush and smooth texture with ripe, toasted style; mellow, lush and balanced with a long, bright finish.

92 Flaming Leprechaun Rum Triple Distilled, Ireland ($23)

Smooth, racy and bright; balanced, essence of honey and nice touch of spice.

89 Flaming Leprechaun Vodka Limestone Filtered, Ireland ($22)

Silky and edgy with some heat and raw flavors; soft flavors of grain; dry and rich.

92 Flores Lozova Rakija Unaged, Serbia ($24)

Clear; soft vanilla and spice nose; smooth, clean and mellow with rich texture and toasted vanilla flavors; long and balanced.

93 Flores Zuta Osa Superior, Serbia ($35)

Light amber color; Zuta Osa – the “Yellow Wasp” – is a traditional plum brandy -slivovitz – from Serbia; it is smooth and lush with toasty plum and vanilla flavors; it is dry, complex and charming; mellow, earthy and long.

92 Fos Mastiha Liqueur Greek Mastiha FOS, Greece ($29)

Herbal, vegetal nose; sweet, creamy and intensely herbal; pine, spice and resin; unique.

92 Four Pillars Rare Dry Gin, Austrailia ($38)

Soft citrus nose; smooth, rich texture with creamy texture and a spicy finish; mellow and tangy with a lush style.

92 Frey Ranch Gin, USA ($35)

clear with a citrus juniper nose; aromatic and sweet with spice and tea-like flavors; peppery, intense and smooth.

90 Frey Ranch Vodka, USA ($30)

Clear, neutral nose; lush, sweet and ripe with vanilla and spice; smooth and rich with balance and a long finish.

92 Gin Mare Mediterranean Gin, Spain ($38)

Soft nose; smooth and spicy with notes of olive, thyme, rosemary and basil; dry, rich and expressive; the gin for the Mediterranean Diet.

93 Grand Mayan Tequila Extra Añejo Tequila Ultra Aged, Mexico ($100)

Toasty, smoky nose; medium amber color; silky, toasty, rich agave flavors; elegant, smooth and fresh, clean and long.

92 Granny’s Gingerbread Cream, USA ($13)

Smooth, creamy and lush with lovely gingerbread flavors; sweet but not cloying, rich but not heavy; long and balanced, fresh and stylish.

92 Grant’s Blended Scotch Whisky Ale Cask Finish, Scotland ($20)

Pale and light; smooth, malty and mellow with soft, lush texture; vanilla, soft oak and silky texture; a charming blended whisky for the quiet times.

91 Hanson of Sonoma Cucumber Vodka , USA ($30)

Lush and smooth with creamy texture and soft flavors of cucumber with hints of vanilla; organic.

92 Hanson of Sonoma Habanero Vodka, USA ($30)

Soft capsicum nose; silky and clean with green pepper notes and some heat on the finish; smooth and lush; gluten free.

92 Hanson of Sonoma Original Vodka, USA ($30)

Smooth and lush with hints of floral and vanilla; lush and richly textured; silky and creamy; organic.

94 Hennessy Master Blender’s Selection No.1, France ($80)

Medium amber color; lovely spirit nose with soft toast; floral and aromatic with notes of toasted oak and vanilla; incredibly smooth and fruity, deep, elegant and modern; supple, balanced and lush; a stunning new entry that would be equally at home in a c

92 Herradura Colección de la Casa, Reserva 2015 – Directo de Alambique , Mexico ($90)

Smooth and spicy with pepper and faint agave; elegant, refined and balanced; deep, long and lush.

92 High West Whiskey American Aged Whiskey Valley Tan, USA ($59)

pale amber color; smooth and mellow with silky texture and clean toasty style; long, lush and elegant.

93 High West Whiskey Bourbon Rye Whiskey Blend Bourye, USA ($60)

Deep amber color; aromatic, tea-like aromas, toasty oak; smooth and silky with toasty oak and spice; mellow, intense and rich with lovely notes of grain, rye and vanilla.

93 High West Whiskey Straight Rye, Straight Bourbon, Blended Malt Scotch Whiskey Campfire, USA ($55)

Medium amber color; smooth, spicy, complex with clean, nutty flavors; deep and lush, long and mellow.

93 Hirsch Small Batch Reserve Straight Bourbon Whiskey at least 7 years old, USA ($35)

Lush floral nose; medium amber color; smooth and rich with floral style; aromatic and lush with rounded flavors of toasted barley and spice; caramel, aromatic and long.

90 Humboldt Distillery Hemp Seed (Cannabis Sativa) Vodka Organic, USA ($30)

Smooth, creamy and herbal; lush and ripe with balance, style and length.

89 Humboldt Distillery Original Rum Organic, USA ($28)

Pale amber color; silky texture with bright vanilla and caramel nose; smooth and lush with sugary flavors; mellow and fresh, long and juicy.

91 Humboldt Distillery Spiced Rum Organic, USA ($20)

Pale amber color; spicy nose; smooth, spicy and dry with mild flavors and a long, balanced finish.

92 Humboldt Distillery Vodka Organic, USA ($19)

Smooth and lush with vanilla and clean flavors; rich and balanced with mellow texture and a long, generous finish; organic and nicely priced.

92 Inchmurrin 12 Year Old Single Malt Scotch Whisky, Scotland ($38)

Fleshy and rich nose; toasty and rich with lush flavors of sweet oak and soft spice; generous and earthy.

94 Inchmurrin 18 Year Old Single Malt Scotch Whisky, Scotland ($89)

Light amber color; soft vanilla and toasty nose; lush, smooth and smoky style; rich and mature with spice, depth and complexity; balanced, long and intense.

93 Inchmurrin Madeira Single Malt Scotch Whisky, Scotland ($55)

Light amber color; smooth, toasty and spicy with silky texture and lovely depth; soft oak and hints of honey and warm oak.

96 Jose Cuervo 250 Aniversario Rolling Stones special edition, Mexico ($4000)

Amber color; elegant, spice and toast nose; this is extra anejo tequila blended with a reserve 100 year-old blanco tequila; it is silky smooth and bursting with rich, complex flavors; aromatic, deep and layered; exquisite and mellow; could be habit-formin

92 Khortytsa Distillery De Luxe Ultimate Perfection Vodka, Ukraine ($26)

Smooth, lush and creamy with vanilla and ripe grain; dense, rich and long.

92 Khortytsa Distillery Ice Vodka, Ukraine ($14)

Smooth and creamy with vanilla and ripe, mellow style; minerally, lush and long with hints of citrus and vanilla; rich and mellow, long and deep.

90 Khortytsa Distillery Pepper Honey Hot Vodka, Ukraine ($14)

Light amber color; smooth texture and fiery hot pepper softened by honey; clean and intense.

92 Khortytsa Distillery Platinum Vodka, Ukraine ($14)

Smooth, vanilla nose; creamy, lush and showing a hint of vanilla; balanced and mellow, dry and long.

92 Kikori Rice Whiskey, Japan ($50)

Pale amber color; soft, smooth nose; creamy, smooth and mellow with soft toast and balanced flavors; bright, elegant and long with ripe, gentle flavors; lush and balanced.

93 KIN White Whiskey, USA ($41)

Smooth and creamy with soft flavors of vanilla and new oak; mellow and long.

92 Kraken Black Spiced Rum, Trinidad and Tobago ($30)

Deep brown color; silky and softly spicy with elegant, toasty notes; dry, complex and long; balanced and lovely.

91 Laughing Glass All Natural Low Calorie Margarita, USA ($16)

Bright fresh and juicy with clean lime, triple sec and blanco tequila; tangy and delicious with depth and an all natural impression; delightful and it’s low calorie!

92 Laughing Glass All Natural Pomegrante Low Calorie Margarita, USA ($19)

Pink color; bright fruit nose; juicy and fresh with bright pomegranate and citrus; made with all natural ingredients and blanco tequila; fresh, tangy and it’s low calorie.

90 Leaf Vodka Organic Vodka Alaskan Glacial Water, USA ($19)

Smooth, dry and neutral in flavor; smooth, creamy texture; long, lush and clean.

88 Leaf Vodka Organic Vodka Rocky Mountain Mineral Water, USA ($19)

Silky and smooth with some bitter undertones; neutral flavors, edgy, dry and long.

91 Loch Lomond Single Grain Scotch Whisky Single Grain , Scotland ($26)

Light amber color; silky texture, smooth and aromatic; sweet oak and soft spice; mellow and balanced, long and charming.

93 Long Road Distillers 100% Red Winter Wheat Aquavit, USA ($20)

Soft caraway nose; silky and smooth with lush texture and lovely flavors of caraway and vanilla; made from red winter wheat; clean and mellow with long, graceful flavors; made in Michigan.

92 Long Distillers Road 100% Tart Cherries, USA ($35)

Soft dried cherry nose; Smooth, earthy and lush with deep cherry fruit notes; made in Michigan from tart cherries; an eau-de-vie with elegance and depth; long and mellow.

92 Long Road Distillers Dry Gin, USA ($35)

Citrus nose; smooth and spicy with sweetness and vanilla; seamless, rich and balanced with mellow, clean style.

91 Long Road Distillers Original Vodka , USA ($30)

Smooth and clean with balance and vanilla; soft spice and good length; creamy texture.

92 Mad March Hare Poitin , Ireland ($25)

Clear, smooth traditional spirit distilled in Ireland from barley; silky and fresh with some spice and mellow grain; balanced and long.

93 Magnum Cream Liqueur Highland Cream Liqueur, Scotland ($28)

A lovely cream liqueur that is smooth and balanced and laced with Benriach single malt; creamy and lush with a bright kick of whisky; smooth, dense and charming.

92 Mendeleev Vodka Vodka, Ukraine ($28)

Clean, dry and silky with pure, bright and neutral style; just a hint of vanilla and edgy process flavors; long and honest, fresh and authentic.

92 Naked Gin Dry Gin , Germany ($65)

Smooth, spicy and elegant with dense herbs, vanilla and minerals; soft texture and an earthy style.

94 Novo Fogo Single Barrel Cachaça #87, Brazil ($150)

Medium amber color; toasty, rich wood nose; silky and smooth with elegant style and considerable finesse; lush and balanced with deep flavors and tropical spices.

94 Paul John Indian Single Malt Whisky Edited , India ($65)

Grassy barley nose; medium amber color; smooth and toasty with notes of mocha and spice; chocolate on the finish with mellow and complex flavors. A product of Goa.

90 Paula’s Grapefruit Liqueur , USA ($18)

Pale pink color; smooth red grapefruit nose; smooth, sweet grape fruit flavors; juicy and creamy with tangy, sweet style.

92 Peony Vodka , USA ($34)

Smooth, slightly floral, herbal nose; lush and sweet with floral notes; rich, mellow and long; intense and ripe.

91 Pervak Homemade Rye Vodka, Ukraine ($18)

Clear, smooth and mellow with rye flavors; balanced and lush, notes of vanilla and soft spices.

92 Pervak Homemade Wheat Vodka, Ukraine ($18)

Soft grain nose; clear, smooth, lush and offering a soft, natural wheat flavor; mellow and clean with balance, spice and a long vanilla-inflected finish.

92 Pevac Cellar Yellow Quince (Rakia), Serbia ($30)

Pale amber color; sweet floral, honey nose; smooth and mellow with spice and juicy quince fruit; soft and quite soft and feminine; perfumed and quite lovely; long and elegant.

92 Pierre Croizet Cognac VS, France ($30)

Pale amber color; soft, toasty nose; light, floral and silky with lovely caramel and toasted oak; smooth, supple and long.

93 Pusser’s Rum Gunpowder Proof , Barbados ($35)

This historic British Navy rum from the 17th century is named for the “pusser” (purser) who doled out the sailor’s ration of rum; it is high-proof and deep amber in color; it is smooth, rich and tastes of toasted orange rind, tamarind and brown sugar; lus

92 Rabarbaro Zucca Amaro Liqueur, Italy ($25)

Deep reddish brown color; bitter nose, dense and sweet with smooth, rich amaro style.

92 RE:FIND Gin, USA ($38)

Edgy and vodka-like with silky texture; spicy, lush and showing spice, floral notes and lavender; dry and aromatic.

92 RE:FIND Rye Whiskey, USA ($38)

Lovely, spicy and complex with true rye flavors and long, smooth style.

94 Redemption Aged Barrel Proof Straight Rye Whiskey 8 Years Old, US ($90)

Medium amber color; dense caramel and spicy rye nose; sweet grain and caramel with lovely deep, mellow intensity; toasty and complex, long and balanced.

94 Redemption Aged Barrel Proof Straight Rye Whiskey 10 Years Old , US ($130)

Medium amber color; rich herbal, spicy nose; smooth and bright with rye and grassy herbs; toasty and complex with vanilla and floral notes; rich and long with deep flavors.

93 Redemption Aged Barrel Proof Straight Rye Whiskey 7 Years Old , US ($80)

Medium amber color; spice and smooth texture and sweet vanilla nose; sweet caramel and rye, lush texture and rich flavors; balanced and long.

93 Redemption Bourbon Aged 9 years , USA ($100)

Medium amber color; lush and fleshy, rich and toasty with smooth texture and spicy notes; warm and complex.

93 Redemption High-Rye Bourbon Aged 9 years , USA ($100)

Medium amber color; smooth and toasty with hints of grass and herbs; elegant and lush with complex flavors; silky and long.

92 Redemption Rye Rye Whiskey Aged 8 years , USA ($100)

Medium amber color; intense and smooth with spice and toasty oak; lush and rich with balance and good length; complex and deep.

92 Revel Stoke Root Beer Flavored Whisky, Canada ($14)

Deep mahogany color; sweet root beer nose; smooth and spicy with authentic root beer flavor and lush texture; sweet and creamy with amaro-like style; long and lush, balanced and rich.

88 Rum Jumbie Coconut Splash Flavored Rum , Panama ($15)

Coconut nose; smooth, sweet and lush with ripe coconut and cane sugar.

96 Russell’s Reserve Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey 1998, USA ($250)

Medium amber color; spicy and complex nose; cherry, vanilla and light spice with hints of citrus and smoke; toasty oak, caramel and lovely warm spices; long and complex.

92 Rutte Distillateurs Dry Gin 2015 Juniper Berries, Holland ($38)

Soft juniper nose; smooth aromatic and spicy with soft style and creamy texture; lush and deep with mellow spice and notes of vanilla and dry herbs.

93 Rutte Distillateurs Dry Gin 2015 Neutral Grain, Holland ($38)

Smooth, fresh nose; aromatic, bright and tangy with bright spice and herbs; tangy, bright and racy with lovely style.

91 Rutte Distillateurs Old Simon Genever, Holland ($38)

Soft and mild with sweet juniper and vanilla; rich and aromatic with mellow style; long and creamy with rich texture and a long, creamy finish.

92 Savile Premium Rumtini Tropical Fruit Flavor, USA ($28)

Cloudy amber color; juicy, tropical nose; juicy, lush and tangy with natural flavors of bright passion fruit, sweet orange and tangy citrus; made with white rum; smooth, balanced and superb. 1 liter=8 drinks. $3.50/ per cocktail.

92 Sazerac Peychaud’s Aperitivo, USA ($20)

Bright rut orange color; soft, bitter herbal nose; smooth and softly bitter with sweet, smooth flavors; mellow and lush; long, warm and rich with a long, creamy finish.

93 St. Augustine Distillery Co. New World Dry Gin, USA ($32)

Citrus-influenced spice nose; silky texture and bright juniper and orange rind, tangy, juicy and complex with long, lingering flavors; aromatic and generous, balanced and stylish.

93 St. Augustine Distillery Florida Double Cask Bourbon Aged 16 Months, USA ($50)

Medium amber; smooth and toasty with spice, depth and elegant flavors; generous, rich and balanced.

94 Stonecutter Spirits Heritage Cask Whiskey Finished in Cabernet Barrels, USA ($61)

Medium amber color; smooth, aromatic nose; silky and lush with toast and floral notes; notes of plum and spice, long and balanced; lush and rich with a long, spicy finish.

93 Stranahan’s Diamond Peak Single Malt Whiskey, USA ($70)

Complex and smooth; aged 4 years in oak; hefty and rich with deep flavors of grain and spice; toasty and long; lush and balanced.

91 Stranahan’s Original Single Malt Whiskey, USA ($50)

Deep and rich with toasty notes and spice; intense and balanced with smooth texture and spice; nice polish and a hint of sweetness; long and balanced.

95 Suntory Whisky The Yamazaki Sherry Cask 2016 Single Malt Japenese Whisky, Japan ($300)

Dark amber color; toasty, intense sherry nose; silky and smoky with rich, complex flavors of sweet sherry and vanilla; deep, roasted and long.

100 Suntory Yamazaki 25 YO Single Malt Whisky 25YO, Japan ($4000)

Dark amber color; rich caramel, toffee, molasses nose; amazing with rich, creamy, luscious and intense flavors; crème brulée with notes of mocha, allspice and clove; astonishing, unique and a must for collectors.

94 t1 Tequila Sensacional Extra Añejo Tequila , Mexico ($77)

Amber color; soft nose with notes of agave and honey; lush, dry and smoky with deep, mature flavors; rich, smooth and elegant with long, complex flavors.

93 Tequila Honor del Castillo Reflexion Blanco Tequila, Mexico ($50)

Ripe agave earthy nose; creamy texture and spicy, earthy agave flavors with smooth hints of vanilla oak; bright and generous, balanced and long.

92 Th. Kramers & Co Aromatique, Germany ($33)

A spice liqueur from
Germany’s Thuringia
region. Spicy, medicinal
nose with mint, herbs
and spices on the palate;
mellow and tangy with a
long, complex but with
a quite soft finish. Serve
neat as a digestif or
explore in cocktails.

94 The Balvenie 17 year-old Doublewood, Scotland ($150)

Silky, toasty and smooth with sweet caramel, spice and mellow depth; rich and long, smooth and lovely.

98 The Balvenie 30 year old, Scotland ($900)

Aged in bourbon casks; rich color, smooth, toasty, complex and long; silky and lush with sweet oak and notes of citrus, spicy, creamy and exceptionally long.

93 The Macallan Oak Cask – No. 2, Scotland ($100)

Medium amber color; softly toasty nose; smooth and mellow with sweet oak, dried pear and elegant spice; light in weight but deep in flavor; long and balanced.

91 The Pogues Irish Whiskey, Ireland ($30)

Medium amber color; smooth, spicy and toasted with a hint of sweetness and smooth, balanced style; mellow, clean and showing dried fruit, vanilla and finesse.

92 Toast Vodka Vodka with coconut water, USA ($31)

Smooth, lush and mellow with soft hints of coconut water, but essentially dry and understated; clean and soft with balance and charm; try it in vodka cocktails.

93 Tommyrotter American Gin, USA ($40)

Smooth and aromatic with an intense blend of roots, flowers, spices and herbs; complex and creamy with lush flavors and depth.

88 Tommyrotter Vodka Small Batch , USA ($34)

Soft and smooth with vanilla and a touch of sweetness; aromatic and smooth; lush and lacking focus.

92 Tullamore D.E.W. 14 Year Old Single Malt Irish Whiskey, Ireland ($70)

Light medium amber color; smooth, toasty nose; toasty oak and smooth texture; lush and balanced with sweet dried fruits; long and elegant.

93 Tullamore D.E.W. 18 Year Old Single Malt Irish Whiskey , Ireland ($110)

Light medium amber color; toasty vanilla nose; lush, ripe and toasted, fleshy and rich; lush and complex, long and balanced.

92 Union Horse Distilling Reserve Straight Bourbon Whiskey, USA ($37)

Smooth, vanilla nose; toasty, silky and rich, creamy and smoky; lush, balanced and long.

92 Union Horse Distilling Reunion Straight Rye Whiskey, USA ($37)

Toasty, spicy nose; caramel, cinnamon and aromatic oak; silky and long.

93 VDKA 6100 Vodka, New Zealand ($38)

clear, neutral nose; clean, smooth and showing vanilla and creamy texture; lush and rich with lovely, elegant style; dry and pure; a beautiful expression of a clean, pristine land.

93 Weissbrand Birds , Germany ($)

A gin-like spirit (but with no juniper) made from distilled wine; this one is made from Moselle Riesling. Hard to classify but silky and smooth with lovely aromatics and spice; vanilla and elegant flavors; long and smooth.

94 Wild Turkey Decades Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey, USA ($150)

Smoky, smooth nose; toasty, mellow, balanced and rich; sweet oak, lush grains and a long, creamy finish.

92 William Wolf Christmas Spice Whiskey, Holland ($25)

Deep amber color; spicy, holiday nose; smooth, pumpkin pie spices and sweet allspice and pepper; smooth, tangy and lush; long and warm.

90 William Wolf Pecan Bourbon Whiskey, Holland ($25)

Light amber color; smooth, nutty nose; smooth, toasty with a lush pecan overtone; spice, clean and lush; long and mellow.

89 William Wolf Rye Whiskey, Holland ($25)

dark amber color; toasty nose; spicy and clean with lush texture and mellow style; light, fresh and balanced.

93 Woodford Reserve Distiller’s Select Kentucky Straight Rye Whiskey, USA ($34)

Smooth, lush and spicy with clove, caramel, vanilla and sweet oak; balanced, fresh and nutty with soft dried fruit and elegance.

94 Woodford Reserve Double Oaked Bourbon , USA ($60)

Deep amber color; toasty, caramel nose; lush and buttery with toast, caramel and chocolate; smooth, lush and complex; elegant and complex.

95 Woodford Reserve Frosty Four Wood Bourbon, USA ($50)

Deep amber color; soft Christmas spice nose; very smooth, sweet on entry, smooth and lush texture, and dry, toasty on the finish; complex and mellow. Only sold at the distillery.

93 Woodford Reserve Kentucky Straight Rye Whiskey, USA ($45)

Soft, mellow nose; honey, brown sugar and soft spice; brioche, warm and spicy; long and soft, lush and balanced.

94 Zacapa Aged Rum 23 , Guatemala ($45)

Dark amber color; bright orange rind nose; smooth caramel and toasted oak; lush, spicy and long with oak and deep spice with toasty flavors; solera-made, complex and intense; long and smooth.

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