Clean out your fridge in preparation for Turkey Day! With Thanksgiving later on this month, it’s time to clear space for the holiday leftovers. Start your preparation early. The last thing a cook wants to do after spending nearly a week in the kitchen is have to dig through a cluttered refrigerator looking for open slots for leftovers. Don’t worry cleaning doesn’t have to be unbearable. Play some great music and get inspired by your forgotten ingredients. I have some tips to make tackling the fridge as easy as pie. Toss out long-lost leftovers, nearly empty condiments, wilted produce, and expired items. Remove all items from shelves and bins. Wipe down all cleared areas with a safe and natural cleaning solution.

Now for the creative part, finding ways to use your mismatched ingredients. Here’s the run down. For leftover meat, chop into small pieces and then toss into a fried rice. Veggies that were sitting at the bottom of your produce drawer can be repurposed to work well sautéed in pasta. If you have a ton of grains and beans in the pantry, combine them in a soup or stew. My last tip, if you find an excess of past-prime fruit, I recommend blending  them up in a blender for an energy boosting morning smoothie.