New to the Neighborhood: KazuNori Opens in Los Angeles

Sushi has been around forever. But the Nozawa Group –proprietors of Sugarfish– have come up with a new idea. It’s called KazuNori. It’s a hand roll bar. There are now three of them in Los Angeles, located in Downtown, Westwood, and Santa Monica.

Sit at the bar and order either the 3, 4, 5 or 6 hand roll set menu. My favorite is the 5 roll selection– toro, bay scallops, yellowtail, crab and lobster. The rolls are brought to you individually, as they are made. The seaweed is crisp, the rice is warm and the ingredients are super fresh.

Compared to sister restaurant Sugarfish, diners have a much more limited selection. The menu is simple and concise, without a lot of opportunities to order off-menu. The concept of this restaurant is meant for speed and sufficiency-think the average wait time at Chipotle, but with a sit-down dinner vibe. KazuNori specializes in rolls, but the eatery also offers a daily selection of sashimi available á la carte. There is sake, beer, soda, and wine available.

The amount of food you get is a great value. The price for this menu – $19 plus a 16% service charge. There’s no tipping. KazuNori–don’t miss it– it’s delicious and a bargain.