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Mezcal it Tasty

Tequila or not Tequila?

That is the question for agave enthusiasts worldwide. Much like Champagne, tequila must be distilled with plants solely from that region to claim  the familiar moniker. Less familiar, though perhaps more versatile, is mezcal.

By no means as popular as tequila, mezcal is a spirit that is produced using identical methods and ingredients. Both come from agave plants and both are aged in wooden barrels, the variety of which impacts the final flavor.

However, unlike tequila, mezcal can source their agave from any number of regions, climate, soil condition and so forth. As there are 42 different varieties of agave plants, mezcal distillers have the freedom to put their own unique spin on a traditional spirit. And speaking of tradition, the most common method of producing mezcal is known as the “Oaxacan Method”, which typically gives a smokey taste to the final product. Much in the way of a peaty Scotch, Oaxacan Method mezcal can be an acquired taste. Which is most likely why it pales in comparison to it’s more commercial cousin.

But that is not to say new and innovative producers aren’t shaking up the industry. Take Kimo Sabe mezcal, for instance. They have a proprietary blend that combines several varieties in a precise distillation process that is finalized with sound waves. You heard right – sound waves. Despite seeming like a marketing gimmick, there is some fairly substantial science validating a superior flavor profile. The bombardment of sound waves creates a series of ultra-fine ripples across the liquid, vibrating at such a high frequency that they help to expel waste on a molecular level. As for the barrels, microscopic particles are discharged and absorbed by the spirit, effectively aging the mezcal over a matter of months. What remains is the highest quality mezcal on the market, earning ratings of 91 and 92 for their Joven and Reposado, respectively. Blue Lifestyle has certified Kimo Sabe with Excellent Value medals for their quality and affordability. From their home in Zacatecas, Mexico, to where ever you call home, Kimo Sabe is an excellent choice for a modern-traditional mezcal experience.

In an effort to spread the gospel of mezcal, the folks at Kimo Sabe are kicking off a ten city challenge, starting in Las Vegas. Launching in June, the party capital of the world will play host to a blind taste-test challenge where anyone and everyone over twenty-one can see what Kimo Sabe has to offer.

Kimo Sabe will be pitting their award winning mezcal against the best selling tequila and a traditional Oaxacan Style mezcal. After sampling all three, those participating will rank each of their choices from “good” to “better” to “best”. The goal is to attract at least 100,000 new customer across the 10 cities, confident that once tasted, Kimo Sabe will be the top choice. The additional cities are Los Angeles, Dallas, Austin, Chicago, San Francisco, Seattle, Minneapolis, Miami and New York, so keep posted for an opportunity to taste the new tradition in mezcal.


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