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Summer Sangria

Sangria! Sangria! Sharing a pitcher of sangria is a great way to savor a hot day. Traditionally, sangria is made with red wine, but white sangria has all the flavors of a crisp white wine.

If you aim to entertain in style, pair a huge pitcher of white sangria with an all-white backdrop. Think white pillows on a white chaise, white twinkling lights, and have all your guests dressed in white.

To make my favorite white sangria, be sure to have a go-to bottle of sparkling white wine on hand. Mix one and a half ounces of each of the following: gin, Cointreau, brandy and simple syrup.

Add a generous handful of raspberries, the sliced apples, and several slices of orange rind. When peeling the orange be careful not to peel off the pith, the bitterest part of the fruit. Lemon verbena leaves and a few sugar cane sticks work as both ingredients and great garnish.

Top off with an entire bottle of sparkling wine — a Spanish Cava or an Italian Prosecco would be a wonderful and cost-effective choice. In place of ice, add one cup of frozen Thompson seedless grapes. Serve in a glass pitcher to enjoy the visual.


1 bottle sparkling white wine

1 bottle gin

1 bottle Cointreau

1 bottle brandy

Simple syrup

1 container raspberries

2 sliced red apples

3 orange rinds

Lemon verbena leaves

Sugar cane sticks

1 cup frozen grapes

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