Feel good soups. Authors Rebecca Seal and John Vincent co-founder of the UK nutritional fast food chain, Leon have teamed up, writing about what they know best, nutritionally balanced meals. If you haven’t heard of it, Leon is an upscale fast food chain based in the UK that has flourished across the world. After great success in the fast food industry, Leon stays true to their roots in their book, LEON: Happy Soups. The theme here are soups mostly plant-based yet quick and easy to put together.  The cookbook is organized by the categories, naturally fast, comforting, bright and fresh, posh, and sweet soups. Flip through and you’ll be sure to find a soup that will satisfy your craving.



Setting this book apart from the rest is that it offers unique chapters such as a section on “toppings”. Who doesn’t like some texture in their soup? Build the density of your soup with recipes on crispy onions or whipped feta cheese. The book comes to a close with a final section on sides. This chapter guides readers on how to make rye bread, flatbread, and other kinds from scratch. To wow your guests, I recommend trying out the bouillabaisse, a traditional fisherman soup-stew originated from Marseille, France. Continue the evening with the chilled Morello cherry soup for dessert, beautifully sweet and tart. These meals will leave you delightfully pleased and most importantly happy! Step out of your soup comfort zone with LEON: Happy Soups available at $20.