Showcase The True Quality Of Your Product

Ever wondered how and why those huge names have their brands recognized all over the world?

Part of that recognition can be attributed to ingenious marketing, but it’s the exceptional quality of the products that keep a brand on the very top of the industry. If you have a quality product, it goes without saying that you should get it in front of a wide audience, and make a name for yourself.

Wine Submission

Spirits Submission

Beer Submission


What Does the Submission Include?

Your submission will include the right to use the score and tasting note on point-of-sale material. In addition, you will have the opportunity to buy bottle stickers, shelf-talkers and bottle neckers. An option to license the Blue Lifestyle logo for printed and digital use is also included.

When Will You Receive the Results?

Producers will be notified by email during the week following the review. This follow up email will include the score of the product and the tasting note.

What is the Seal of Approval?

Those submitting products to Blue Lifestyle will receive notification should their wines, spirits, or beer achieve a score of 90 or better (or in the case of a GOOD VALUE, 88 or better). For a modest fee they will be issued a license to display the SEAL OF APPROVAL emblem in advertising, on promotional material, on labels and at point-of-sale. For more information, click here.