It’s grill season! One of the uses of your grill that you may not have suspected is for grilling fruit. Peaches, bananas, pineapple, lemons — all these are excellent candidates for grilling. You probably won’t want to make a meal from grilled fruits, but they make a fantastic and unusual accompaniment to grilled meats.

While you’re cooking steaks or pork chops at the center of the grill, use the edges to slow-grill the fruit. You can also put chunks of fruit onto skewers with cubes of meat for barbecuing.

Bananas or plantains can be left in their skins and peeled after their cooked; they work great with beef. Thick lemon slices brushed with olive oil and grilled are fantastic with fish. Figs are summer perfect; their luscious sweetness is perfect with pork. Peaches are summer’s super fruit and toss them on the grill to bring out it’s natural sweetness.

Grilled peaches are super simple to make. Just halve and de-pit your fruit and brush each half with melted butter. Grill on medium-low so they don’t burn. When nicely charred and soft, serve alone as a side or on top of a salad. This is also great with ice cream as a dessert.