Mezcal is the new darling of mixologists all over America. If you haven’t heard of Mezcal it’s a Mexican spirit similar to, but different from, tequila. Mezcal is made from multiple varieties of the agave plant, which are traditionally slow roasted in buried pits filled with wood and lined with lava rocks to achieve mezcal’s signature smoky taste.

Although the smokiness of mezcal is unique to the spirit, the flavor can be so intense that it becomes overwhelming. Co-founders of Kimo Sabe, father daughter duo Jim Walsh and Ashley Walsh Kvamme, have set out to give mezcal a harmonized, balanced taste that will appeal to a wide cross section of consumers.

Kimo Sabe’s strategy has been to set a standard for excellence in taste and quality in every bottle they produce. High quality and flavor consistency has been difficult for the Mezcal industry to achieve until now. At last consumers can rejoice, Kimo Sabe has perfected every aspect of the cultivation, manufacturing, and distillation process to reach a consistent, smooth tasting, flavorful, ultra-premium spirit.

For the finest of the fine, Kimo Sabe’s new mezcal line Colección de las Maravillas’ is a limited release, a blend of rare luxury mezcals. Cinco de Noviembre is the first edition to the high end mezcal line, made from the rarest of all agaves across Mexico and rested in glass for 26 months. This limited-edition release will offer 700 bottles in select cities across the U.S. and internationally, aptly priced at $511.

Cinco de Noviembre was crafted by the female mezcalera masters Co-Founder Ashley Walsh Kvamme and COO of Mexican Operations, Diana Rivas. The women’s goal in creating Cinco de Noviembre was to push the boundaries of what a varietal agave spirit can achieve. When selecting their desired notes, Kvamme chose to evoke a sweet tropical note accompanied by fermented cacao, blended with spice, floral, and vanilla notes that are specialized to six rare species of agave.

After a year-long journey to find the six rare agave varieties needed, Kimo Sabe began engineering a deal with the Mexican government in Zacatecas to help create a sustainable ecosystem for the cultivation of the rare varietal agaves. At the heart of Kimo Sabe’s values is sustainability. The company fundamentally believes as their business grows, the environment should be protected, and agave taken from the ground, should be replanted.

Kimo Sabe’s mezcal artistry efforts have received instant and enthusiastic recognition by the spirit industry. Wine and Spirits expert, Anthony Dias Blue, presented Kimo Sabe with a gold medal and gave it the highest mezcal rating – 96 points. He was quoted, “Kimo Sabe is exactly what high end tequila drinkers have been looking for.” Cinco de Noviembre was awarded the Agave Spirits Category’s highest honor “Best in Class” in 2017 by the American Distilling Institute, competing against all other mezcals and tequilas. The release for Cinco de Noviembre is by invitation only, but if you are interested in getting one of the 700 bottles, you should contact Kimo Sabe via their website,