Malaysian cuisine, South East Asia’s hidden treasure. Ping Coombes, winner of Masterchef 2014, is bringing Malaysian cuisine into the spotlight with her beautiful new book from publidher Weldon OwenMalaysia: Recipes from a Family Kitchen.

Malaysia is a cultural hub filled with late night food stalls and street markets and this diversity is evident in Malaysian cooking. Try Coombe’s Chilli Crab with Fried Mantou. A steamed garlic and ginger crab dish served with fresh “mantou” or steamed Chinese buns. The Chicken Curry, made from lemon grass and coconut milk, is simmered slowly, developing incredible flavors.

With over 100 recipes all quite unique, you’ll be cooking your way through the tastes, textures, and colors of Malaysian cuisine. Take a journey through Malaysia’s culinary map with Ping Coombes’s Malaysia cookbook, available now at $35.