Cutwater Añejo Tequila. I’m Anthony Dias Blue with the Blue Lifestyle Minute sponsored by CUISINART. Made with one hundred percent blue agave, this playful offering from the Cutwater brand combines tradition and innovation for a great end result. While the distilling process follows traditional methods such as slow cooking the agave in brick ovens, open fermentation, and “alambique” stills, what’s unique is that the tequila is then aged for over a year in Cutwater whiskey barrels. With a pale amber color, and sweet agave nose, the tequila is clean, silky and a bit sweet with a smooth, refined texture. Spicy, rich, balanced and long, it earned ninety four points. Only fifty dollars a bottle, Cutwater Añejo Tequila is available in most states. Go online to for more. I’m Anthony Dias Blue sponsored by CUISINART – fine small appliances and cookware. Visit This is the Blue Lifestyle Minute, check out our website at