Gradis’ciutta wines. I’m Anthony Dias Blue with the Blue Lifestyle Minute sponsored by CUISINART. Here are two new exciting wines from Robert Princic, the engine behind Gradis’ciutta vineyards. The first, the 2019 Collio Sauvignon, made entirely from sauvignon blanc grapes, has a long, generous finish, with crisp citrus fruit and silky texture. Ninety-two points and only twenty-two dollars. The second is a 2019 Pinot Grigio, golden in color with a lively fruit nose and a touch of sweetness on the finish. Lush and bright with depth, it scored ninety one points and is also only twenty-two dollars. Both of these wines are certified organic. Go online to for more… that’s g-r-a-d-i-s-c-i-u-t-t-a dot eu for more. I’m Anthony Dias Blue sponsored by CUISINART – fine small appliances and cookware. Visit This is the Blue Lifestyle Minute, visit our website at