New beginnings! I’m Anthony Dias Blue with the Blue Lifestyle Minute sponsored by CUISINART. New Year’s Eve is coming up, I’m having a small party with lots of great food and fabulous wine. I stockpile Champagne all year. Of course, my fete won’t be as thrilling as the big parties raging all over town. If you’re planning New Year’s Eve out, plan. Confirm your reservations and know exactly how much they will cost. Stay safe. Take an Uber or designate a sober driver. If you’re spending the evening at home, moderation is still a good idea. You don’t want to start your New Year with a hangover. However, you celebrate, have a wonderful New Year’s Eve and a very Happy New Year! I’m Anthony Dias Blue sponsored by CUISINART-fine small appliances and cookware. Visit CUISINART.COM. This is the Blue Lifestyle Minute. Check out our new website at