Peas and Ricotta. I’m Anthony Dias Blue with the Blue Lifestyle Minute sponsored by CUISINART. One of the stars of spring is the humble pea. Vibrant and sweet they deserve attention. Take this simple pasta recipe with peas, bacon and ricotta. To make, sauté half a pound of bacon lardons until the fat renders and the bacon is slightly crisp. Remove the excess fat leaving about two tablespoons. Add in six ounces of fresh or thawed frozen peas and sauté for an additional two minutes. Cook and drain your pasta, then add it to a mixing bowl with one tablespoon of butter and a quarter pound of fresh ricotta. Mix with the bacon and peas, fresh cracked pepper, and a handful of parmesan for seriously good Spring eating. I’m Anthony Dias Blue sponsored by CUISINART – fine small appliances and cookware. Visit This is the Blue Lifestyle Minute, check out our website at