Worldwide wine. I’m Anthony Dias Blue with the Blue Lifestyle Minute sponsored by CUISINART. Tussock Jumper Wines is a premium wine brand that unites wines from across the best wine growing regions in the world under one symbol: the red tussock sweater. Found on all of their bottles, that red sweater, typically draped over an animal such as a rhinoceros for South Africa and or a pig for France, is a sign of quality customers can depend on. All of Tussock Jumper’s wines are bottled at the source, from sustainable producers who care as much about creating the perfect bottle as Tussock Jumper does. You can find everything from American Zinfandels to Organic Argentine Malbecs. Visit to find out how you can get your hands on these delightful wines. I’m Anthony Dias Blue sponsored by CUISINART-fine small appliances and cookware. Visit CUISINART.COM. This is the Blue Lifestyle Minute. Check out our new website at