Popcornopolis Popcorn! Popcornopolis, the artisan popcorn brand known for its iconic red and cone-shaped packaging, has come out with two new fun and flavorful lines.


Zebra is their new confection line that features five indulgent, gourmet popcorn snacks made with organic popcorn, premium chocolate, and hand-selected ingredients with no artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives. The White Chocolate Macadamia and Chocolate Candy Cane are both amazing.

Their new organic line is a culinary collaboration created from customer recommendations. It features different flavors like Three Cheeses and Pesto Mozzarella that are all gluten-free, non-GMO, and whole grain. My favorite is the Herbed Butter, light and makes a great snack. To find a store near you that carries Popcornopolis, visit www.popcornopolis.com. This is popcorn like you’ve never seen it.