Medium amber color; dry, silky smooth, toasty and elegant with just the right amount of French oak aging; a true classic, made since 1862, outstanding, long and complex; drink on the rocks.

Absente Refined Absinthe Liqueur France ($50)

Bright greenish yellow color; soft licorice nose; lively, tangy licorice/anise flavor, silky texture, long and off-dry with elegant, rich style; lovely and, despite its high proof, smooth and delicious.

Airem Vodka Spain ($35)

Soft vanilla nose, silky texture, clean, dry and lush style; rich, creamy and long; a lovely, complex and balanced sipping vodka for connoisseurs.

The Bitter Truth Golden Falernum Rum Liqueur, Germany

Pale amber color with lovely sweet spice and orange nose; creamy texture, very sweet and candied; not to be consumed on its own but use it wherever simple syrup could use a flavor boost.

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Spirits Reviews - All Months

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Mezcal Convite Esencial Espadin Mezcal Mexico

Earthy nose, smooth, spicy and minerally with smooth, sweet agave; toasty and complex with rustic style and a long finish.


Price: $38

Mezcal Convite Espadin Madrecuixe Mezcal Mexico

Spicy, smoky nose, silky and lush with rich, ripe agave; toasty, smooth, sweet and dense; complex and layered, round, deep […]


Price: $85

Courvoisier Xo Cognac Cognac France

Rich amber color, toasty nose; smooth and elegant with silky texture, lush caramel and spice, creamy and long, quite beautiful.


Price: $140

Kangakoi Single Grain Whisky Miscellaneous Whiskey Japan

Rich and intense with silky smooth texture and rich, sweet flavors, luscious and balanced, spicy and complex,

Miscellaneous Whiskey

Price: $100

Tequila Chamucos Extra Añejo Añejo Tequila Mexico

medium amber color, toasty nose, spicy and intense with agave hints; silky and smooth, long and spicy, complex and elegant […]

Añejo Tequila

Price: $178

Mezcal Vago Espadin Mezcal Mexico

Clear, rich spiced nose, smooth, intense and refined, elegant and pure; exquisite and deep with amazing finesse, long and balanced; […]


Price: $75

A. De Fussigny Extra Cognac Cognac Grande Champagnce AC, France

Dark amber color, toasted oak nose, smooth, creamy and intensely rich and elegantly spiced; sweet, lush and layered, remarkably delicious,


Price: $250

Vavoom Vodka USA

Soft vanilla nose, creamy texture, rich vanilla and dry, lush style; a lovely vodka but I can’t not mention the […]


Price: $170

Beefeater London Dry Gin Dry Gin

Soft, complex botanical nose; smooth, dry, aromatic and showing a complex, citrus-tinged flavor that is warm and luscious; with the […]

Dry Gin

Price: $24

Ka Va Lan Single Malt Whisky Distillery Reserve, Taiwan

Distilled magic from Taiwan; smooth treacle nose, toasty and rich with stunning balance and mellow flavors; smooth texture, rich and […]

Single Malt Whisky

Price: $40

Kavalan Single Malt Whisky Taiwan

Fresh and smooth with bright spice and floral notes; light and balanced with toast, malt and mellow flavors; long and […]

Single Malt Whisky

Price: $93

Omar Single Malt Whiskey Taiwan

Medium amber, toast, almonds in the nose; smooth texture, soft, toasted almonds, floral and rich with spice and toasted oak; […]


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