Soft vanilla nose, smooth and lush with rich vanilla flavors, off-dry and balanced, long and just slightly sweet, stunning, made to drink on its own over ice.

El Sativo Blanco Tequila Mexico ($40)

Fragrant with agave, smooth and creamy with agave spice, earth and a touch of sweetness; rich, complex and layered, long and exceptional.

Bouvery CV Chocolate Liqueur USA ($30)

This is amazing, think thick dark chocolate sauce that is 16% alcohol supplied by pure, fine Connecticut vodka made at historic Westford Hill Distillery; this stuff is so delicious I have consumed the entire sample bottle; pour it over ice cream or just drink it straight.

Vido Distillery Premium Vodka ($34)

Smooth texture and creamy style, dry, fresh and long; soft vanilla and a hint of sweetness on the finish; a very lovely effort. Vido should be proud.

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Spirits Reviews - All Months

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Admiral Rodney Royal Oak Aged Rum Saint Lucia

Bright apricot color, smooth and mellow with hints of brown sugar and caramel; lush and toasted with creamy and sweet […]

Aged Rum

Price: $80

Clement Cuvee Homere Rhum Agricole Martinique

Rich nose, smooth and toasted with complex flavors and lots of spice, orange peel, brown sugar and creamy texture, long […]

Rhum Agricole

Price: $115

Admiral Rodney Formidable Column Still Rum Aged Rum Saint Lucia

Smooth, creamy and rich with deep, layered molasses and creamy textures; brown sugar and lush texture and spice.

Aged Rum

Price: $130

Clement Rhum 15 Year Rhum Agricole Martinique

Rich and spicy with complex style and toasted flavors; smooth and lush with spice and balanced flavors, deep and toasty; […]

Rhum Agricole

Price: $200

Clement Creole Shrubb Liqueur D’orange Fruit Liqueur Martinique

Pale honey color, rich nose of fresh orange, thick and lush with creamy texture and very sweet style; notes of […]

Fruit Liqueur

Price: $33

Vamonos Riendo Mezcal Mexico

Agave nose, smoky agave, smooth with minerals, spice and a touch of sweetness – all in , balance, lush and […]


Price: $60

Rhum J.M Blanc Silver Rum Martinique

Spicy and artisanal with smooth, creamy, rich and toasty; earthy, deep and rounded; long, balanced and deep.

Silver Rum

Price: $40

Chairman’s Reserve Rum Chairman’s Spiced Gold Rum Saint Lucia

Sweet citrus nose, medium amber color, smooth, sweet and spicy; rich and peppery, intense; floral, luscious and balanced.

Gold Rum

Price: $28

Rhum J.M 10 Year Rhum Agricole Martinqie

Silky and spicy with toasty oak and smooth texture; layered and balanced, long and complex; lush, peppery and balanced.

Rhum Agricole

Price: $150

Chairman’s Reserve 1931 Aged Rum Saint Lucia

Silky and spicy with toasty oak and smooth texture; layered and balanced, long and complex; lush, peppery and exceptional.

Aged Rum

Price: $100

Grey Goose Vodka France

Smooth, lush, generous and creamy with rich vanilla flavors and a long finish.


Price: $60

Wheyward Spirit USA

Clear with rich , creamy texture with hints of vanilla, smooth, balanced and long. *Sourced only from domestic dairies to […]

Whey Spirit

Price: $55


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