Deep, rich nose, smooth, lush with rich texture, clean, intense with an obvious note of agave; silky, smooth and lush, seamless and concentrated, elegant and long, clearly another triumph for this brand.

Black Infusions Gold Apricot Flavored Vodka USA

Brilliant gold-orange color, ripe apricot nose, silky texture, real rich apricot flavor, delicious; the test of any flavored vodka is that it be fresh and authentic, this one passes the test by a long shot; this would be great on the rocks.

Puncher’s Chance Kentucky Straight Bourbon USA

Honey-colored, vanilla nose, smooth texture with floral, elegant, sweet flavors; toast, vanilla, balanced, soft lush; long and deep, very pretty but not overly sweet, lovely.

Grand Brulot Vsop Cognac & Cafe Liqueur France

Deep mahogany color; silky, smooth and sweet, creamy and showing toasted coffee and deep flavors; rich and layered, long and luscious.

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Black Infusions Black Fig Flavored Vodka USA

Deep mahogany color, ripe fig nose, creamy texture. ripe fig flavor, authentic and rich, all that’s missing are the little […]

Flavored Vodka

Price: $32

Bozal Mezcal Artesanal Espadin – Baril – Mexicano Mezcal Mexico

Rich earthy agave, herbaceous nose, silky texture, floral and lush with soft spices and mellow sweet toast, earthy and lovely.


Price: $50

Bozal Mezcal Artesanal Cenizo Mezcal Mexico

Elegant aromatic nose; orange peel, smooth floral notes. rich and refined with hints of chocolate and brown sugar; creamy texture […]


Price: $80

Casa Agave Silver Spirit Ecuador

Smooth and earthy, rich and creamy with a hint of sweetness; toasty and balanced; a completely different style of Agave, […]

Agave Spirit

Price: $

Casa Agave Reposado Spirit Ecuador

Made from wild Andean agave, rich amber color, smooth and creamy, rich and elegant, lush. fresh and deep with sweet, […]

Agave Spirit

Price: $

Amass Dry Gin USA

Soft herbal nose, smooth and mellow, not bad for a gin claiming 29 botanicals; peppery and showing citrus and spice; […]

Dry Gin

Price: $55

The Dublin Liberties Irish Whiskey Aged 5 Years Ireland

Warm, smooth and toasty nose, pale amber color, sweet and showing smooth texture and rich cereal, spice and vanilla, rich […]

Irish Whiskey

Price: $80

The Dublin Liberties Irish Whiskey Aged 10 Years Ireland

Soft amber color, rich and toasty, sweet and complex, smooth and showing vanilla and toasted oak; nutty, creamy and rich, […]

Irish Whiskey

Price: $85

Casa Herradura Tequila Añejo Mexico

Raisin colored, rich agave nose, silky texture with smooth toasted agave flavors; elegant and complex with a lovely blend of […]

Añejo Tequila

Price: $125

Kikori Miscellaneous Whiskey Japan

Pale amber color, soft nose; mellow whiskey made from rice grown on the island of Kyushu in Japan; elegant, delicate […]

Sia Blended Scotch Whiskey Scotland

A new, mellow women-owned blend that is silky and elegant with creamy flavors and sweet oak notes; a Scotch for […]

Tanduay Silver Asian Rum Philippines

Pale, almost clear, softly fragrant Philippine rum; light, clean and mild with mellow, slightly sweet flavors; pleasant and moderately long.

Silver Rum

Price: $22


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