Deep, rich nose, smooth, lush with rich texture, clean, intense with an obvious note of agave; silky, smooth and lush, seamless and concentrated, elegant and long, clearly another triumph for this brand.

Black Infusions Gold Apricot Flavored Vodka USA

Brilliant gold-orange color, ripe apricot nose, silky texture, real rich apricot flavor, delicious; the test of any flavored vodka is that it be fresh and authentic, this one passes the test by a long shot; this would be great on the rocks.

Puncher’s Chance Kentucky Straight Bourbon USA

Honey-colored, vanilla nose, smooth texture with floral, elegant, sweet flavors; toast, vanilla, balanced, soft lush; long and deep, very pretty but not overly sweet, lovely.

Grand Brulot Vsop Cognac & Cafe Liqueur France

Deep mahogany color; silky, smooth and sweet, creamy and showing toasted coffee and deep flavors; rich and layered, long and luscious.

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Spirits Reviews - All Months

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James Ownby Tennessee Straight Bourbon Whiskey Bourbon USA

Deep amber color with a lovely sweet oak nose, floral, toasted and creamy with charming dried flowers and brown sugar.


Price: $40

Rootstock Cider & Spirits 5-Year Bourbon-Barrel Aged Applejack Brandy USA

Smooth apple nose, light amber color, crisp apple flavors, clean, silky, spicy and long.


Price: $55

Cocalero Negro Picante Herbal Liqueur South America

Silky, smooth and lightly sweet with notes of chocolate, coffee, spice, and a boost of pepper on the finish.

Herbal Liqueur

Price: $30

Larceny Barrel Proof Bourbon USA

Deep amber color, toasted white oak nose (when watered), floral, spicy, toasted and elegant, vanilla, cinnamon, silky, creamy, long and […]


Price: $42

Laws Whiskey House Centennial – Bonded Whiskey USA

Bright amber color, peppery, spicy, toasted, smooth-textured, spiced and balanced.


Price: $75

Belvedere Lemon And Basil Vodka Poland

Lemonrind nose, aromatic, smooth with authentic citrus notes,


Price: $35

Belvedere Pear And Ginger Vodka Poland

Soft spicy nose, pleasant ripe style, floral, balanced, organic and long.


Price: $35

Belvedere Blackberry And Lemongrass Vodka Poland

Fresh blackberry nose, smooth, spicy and exotic, bright and flavor combination, try it neat or on the rocks.


Price: $35

The Busker Irish Whiskey Ireland

Smooth and balanced with sweet oak and soft toast; mellow and stylish but retaining a hint of fire and spice, […]

Irish Whiskey

Price: $30

Evan Williams 1783 Small Batch Bourbon USA

Rich vanilla oak nose, deep amber color, toasty and rich with sweet oak, dried flowers and a long, balanced finish.


Price: $20

Takamine 8 Years Old Koji Fermented Whiskey Japanese Whiskey Japan

Elegant nose, bright amber color, Koji fermented, smooth, refined and stylish, silky and bright, spiced and long.

Japanese Whiskey

Price: $99

Amass Faerie Fizz Hard Seltzer USA

A lovely, aromatic combination of flavors: elegant, floral and balanced with soft spice; refreshing and refined with depth and finesse.

Hard Seltzer

Price: $5.25


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