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It’s Pomegranate Season!

Pomegranates are the only fruit with a crown. This is fitting as it’s the symbol of wealth, prosperity and fertility. Expect to see pomegranates make their annual appearance in markets everywhere. Deep red and filled with juicy jewel-like seeds, the pomegranate is the stuff of myth and reality. Pomegranates were frequently mentioned in religious texts and Greek mythology. They were as popular back then as they are today. Another reason for pomegranates popularity is their health benefits. The fruit has been proven to reduces inflammation, reduces risk of heart disease and lowers cholesterol.

Incorporate their sweet-tart seeds to winter salads, savory dishes, and desserts. Sprinkle the seeds over cakes or puddings, add them to marinades or use as a garnish in rice dishes. Of course you’ll want to take precautions around light colored furniture and rugs, as the juice are notorious for staining. Pomegranates are lovely to look at, too. Arrange a few in a cut glass bowl to add a note of bright autumnal color. For recipes, visit It’s truly the fruit of the gods.

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