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Happy October! Fall is in full swing. The leaves are starting to change color, the days are growing longer, and temporary Halloween superstores are taking over strip malls everywhere. But while the pace of life slows down, the news does not. Here are the latest, greatest (and strangest) lifestyle news stories of the month.


Halloween Sales Projections

Projected total sales for the Halloween season are topping around 8.8 billion for this year. It’s estimated that just over 2.5 billion in sales will go to candy and decorations each, while costumes will generate 3 billion dollars in sales alone. Halloween sales peaked in 2017 at 9.1 billion dollars, with 2018 taking a slight turn downhill, generating a paltry 9 billion.

Overall, the amount a person spends on Halloween every year has nearly doubled since 2005, when the average person spent about $45. Projections for this year estimate people will spend around $86, despite the best efforts of some to lower those costs (I am looking at you commies).

Projections also put 68% of the US population as celebrating the holiday this coming year, making Halloween one of the most widely celebrated holidays in the nation.

Source: The National Retail Federation.


Drone Food Cart Robbery

A Portland food-cart operator reported being robbed by more than just humans this past week. The robbers appeared to use drones to scope out the situation before hand. Security footage showed a drone hovering near the lock-up area. This is not the first time robbers have been caught using the technology, nor is it the first-time these food carts have been targeted.

Arrests have been made, but there is no word yet on prospective punishments for the drones. Options being considered range from disassembly by candy-fueled toddlers, to hiding all power cords. The drone maintains its innocence, saying it has no recollection of the incident and that it’s data had been corrupted.

The future is now, people.


Russians Drinking Less Living Longer

Vodka and Russia are kind of synonymous (at least from this uncultured American’s point of view). Russians are bucking that trend, however. The World Health Organization (WHO) says alcohol consumption in Russia has decreased from 2003 to 2016. The decrease in drinking has also led to a decrease in mortality rates, especially among men.

That doesn’t mean that Russians have gone stone cold sober, though. They still rank as one of the leading alcohol consuming nations in the world, per capita. Na zdorovie, baby.




Former Master Chef Winner Insults Vegan Customer

A disgruntled customer took to the interweb to complain about the lack of vegan options at former MasterChef winner Simon Wood’s Manchester restaurant. Simon Wood, not one to let anything roll off his back gracefully, responded by calling the customer a colloquial term for a man’s genitalia.

The slight took the confrontation to the next level, with vegans and meat-eaters picking sides in what the Secretary-General of the UN, António Guterres, has called “a sad situation – sad like, pathetic sad – like don’t you people have anything better to do?”

The incident finally proves Einstein’s little known theory that not saying anything if you don’t have anything nice to say does not apply to Facebook and, in fact, works in the opposite way. Rather, it’s your responsibility to complain to a computer screen about a minor dietary inconvenience whilst people starve in other places of the world. Am I bitter? Do I sound bitter?


New KC Barbecue Flavored Vodka from 360 Vodka



Literally nobody:


360 Vodka: What if we made vodka taste like Kansas City Barbecue?


Once again — the future is now, people.

By Aldo Moreno

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