A decade ago a group of determined wine executives recognized the growing Prosecco trend and scoured the Veneto region to find a quality producing partner. They were looking for someone who could deliver high-quality wine at an affordable price. They chose Mionetto, a long-established leader in the field. Then they forged a marketing relationship with Whole Foods, the country’s premier gourmet supermarket.

Apparently, they did everything right. Their brand, Presto Prosecco, has been the best-selling brand for more than ten years.

But they didn’t stop at being a leader in prosecco sales. A few years ago Presto saw the growing potential in single-serve, canned wine and turned, once again, to Mionetto. Together, the two companies created a line of inexpensive canned wines that have become bestsellers on their own.

The sales of wine in single-serve cans has exploded in recent months and Presto has been on the forefront. Their line included three SKUs – Brut, rosé and Lambrusco, all available at Whole Foods and online at Amazon.com. Here are my tasting notes on these impressive Presto products:

Presto NV Prosecco, Italy ($12, 750 ml.)
89 – Fresh, smooth and juicy with moderate bubbles and a soft but dry style; crisp, bright and nicely balanced and without the cloying sweetness that infects many Proseccos.

Presto NV Sparkling Rosé, Italy ($3)
88 – Juicy, sparkling and lush with deep pink color; tangy, bright and long with a fresh, bracing style and a hint of strawberries.

Presto NV Brut Sparkling Wine, Italy ($3)
88 – Crisp, balanced and fresh, a charming sparkling wine with juicy apple and peach fruit; tangy and long, dry and balanced.

Presto NV Sparkling Red, Lambrusco Dell’Emilia IGP, Italy ($3)
91 – The winner in this line of canned wine; a true Lambrusco: rich and sparkling, clean and bursting with cherry, plum and berry fruit, totally charming.

By Anthony Dias Blue