Choosing the right gift is never easy. To find a gift that is at once meaningful, useful, and fun can be a difficult task. If your dad is a fan of wine, beer, or spirits, it can be all too easy to buy a bottle of something you know he will like and call it a day. While this is certainly an effective means of gift giving, there is something to be said about switching things up. Variety is the spice of life after all, so why not surprise your dad with something that can enhance his drinking experience. With that in mind, let’s look at some of the best wine, beer, or spirits accessories available for a drinking man’s Father’s Day gift.

Personalized Wine Stopper

There is a surprising a mount of variety here for something so simple. With the advent of 3D printing, many companies offer custom designs that can be either elegant, or hilarious depending on what kind of person you are, and what kind of person your father is. More traditional personal stoppers can be made from expensive metals like silver or gold, adding an aristocratic touch to a burgeoning wine collection.

Assorted Corkscrews

The world of corkscrews has moved on from the simple waiter’s corkscrew. If you find your dad struggling to get the cork out of a bottle without it crumbling or breaking, consider one of the many new types of corkscrews now available. There are electric corkscrews, which take all the effort out of cork removal; there are lever corkscrews which use the power of physics to make cork removal easy; there are even counter- or wall-mounted corkscrews, in case your kitchen or dining room needs that extra punch of pure corkscrew removal power. Alternatively, you could purchase a designer waiter corkscrew like the ones made by Languiole En Aubrac, which come from a region in France famed for its knife crafting.

Wine Label Remover

They say you eat, or, in this case, drink with your eyes first. A great label goes a long way to enhancing the experience of a wine. Who hasn’t been duped at some point by a great looking bottle and a not so great wine inside of it? Nevertheless, there is value in the labels themselves, and if your father is a compulsive collector, a wine label remover can preserve his favorite labels for whatever scrapbook collage project, alternative wallpaper design, or hoarding tendencies your father is working on.

Wine Aerator

If your wine-loving father doesn’t already have a wine aerator, your Father’s Day shopping just got a whole lot easier. A wine aerator improves the bouquet, the flavors, and the mouth feel of any wine by quickly introducing air to the liquid and starting the oxidization process that brings the best out of a bottle of wine. Think of this device as an instant decanter. Instead of pouring your wine into a decanter and having to wait for the wine to breathe, you can instantly enjoy the best version of your wine with an aerator. This is a must have for any serious wine aficionado.

Wine Books

If it follows that knowledge is power, then it must follow that wine knowledge is wine power. There are tons of books on wine out there, from history and production, to tasting notes and fan-fiction. If your father is just starting to pick out the differences between pinot noir and cabernet, picking up a proven classic like The Wine Bible by Karen McNeil is a great place to start. The same applies for anyone who is getting into beer or spirits as well. There are plenty of great book resources available for every kind of drink imaginable.

Vacuum Wine Preserver

Technology has given humanity wonderful things: refrigeration, airplanes, daytime TV. Following such impactful inventions, the logical next step in the modern technological revolution was the advent of home vacuum wine preservation. Many companies now offer wine preservers that allow you to open a bottle of wine and reseal it as if it had never been opened before. Normally done with pressure, these state-of-the-art devices literally create vacuum like conditions inside the bottle ensuring that the wine you drink is of the same quality as the first day you opened it. With a vacuum wine preserver there is no need to worry about opening that great bottle you have been holding on to, for fear that if you don’t drink it all, it will go to waste.

Niche Bar Accessories

Assuming the father in your life already has the standard items for bar maintenance (tumblers, shakers, stirrers, glass sets, etc.) purchasing a niche bar item might help him take his bar game to the next level. Something like an ice baller can reproduce that professional bar feel that can be hard to come by at home. Same with citrus rind peelers, champagne buckets, and ounce measurers. If your dad is just getting started on his home bar, there are also plenty of bar starter kits available in stores and online.

Brewery Tour

The best gifts tend to be experiences, rather than objects. With the explosion of craft beer and beer interest in recent years, many companies have started giving beer-enthusiasts tours of their breweries. It seems like almost every town has had a brewery pop up in recent years, so check locally and see if you can organize an experience that will get your dad and the rest of the family off the couch and into the world. Chances are the breweries are going to let you try some of their beer too, as long as you don’t jump the gun and go for a dip in a fermentation vat. If beer isn’t your dad’s thing, there are plenty of distilleries and vineyards who offer the same kind of tours. Remember to check locally first!

Home Brewing Kit

Perhaps your Dad is a DIY (do-it-yourself) kind of dude. Well, a home-brewing starter kit might be the perfect gift to focus all that DIY energy into something productive (or at least delicious). Companies now offer starter kits for wine, beer, and spirit making depending on your father’s inclination. Creating your own wine, beer, or spirit is as easy as following the recipes provided in the kits and having a little bit of patience. Before you know it, your dad will be describing the difference in production between mead and sherry, rye and bourbon, and IPAs and lagers like someone who has really been there and done that.

Wine, Beer, or Spirit Club Subscription

Maybe your father already has some, or all, of these drinking accessories. Maybe he is a no-frills type who opens beers with his teeth, and sabers open every bottle of wine even when it comes in a box. Well, in that case, purchasing a nice bottle might be for the best. But why leave it up to yourself? There is no need to be staring at the wine section of your grocery store for 20 minutes locked in indecision and doubt. Look into sponsoring your dad for a wine, beer, or spirit club that will deliver carefully selected bottles of quality alcohol directly to his door. Just pay the subscription fee (many clubs offer a free month or a bottle just for signing up) and you are guaranteed to be gifting quality wine, beer, or spirits from people who know what’s good, to a person who also knows what’s good.

That’s it. Hopefully you found some good ideas for gifts for Father’s Day, if your old man is of the drinking type. Don’t procrastinate too much.


By Aldo Moreno